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Monday, April 18, 2005
I ended up doing a lot of fun stuff this weekend. The only homework I really needed to do this weekend was study for an exam I have coming up tomorrow. So Saturday I worked as usual, then afterwards I was able to take Jonathan, Allie, and Bekah all out to dinner and a movie. We went to see Phantom of the Opera. After that I ended up dropping Bekah off back on campus and I stopped in my dorm to gather my things together since I would spend the night over at the Donnebergs that night. I actually had to get Jo's computer all fixed up and ready to go for her because it pretty much needed a major overhaul. I got most of it finished except for one thing I need to wait on Pete for. Once everybody went to bed, I then had to get everything ready for Powerpoint at church this morning.. I still ended up getting to bed fairly early though.. sorry I didn't blog. It just slipped my mind not doing my regular routine since I was at thier house.

Then today I had a great time! First I woke up early and went to church as usual for worship team practice. Turns out he ended up changing some of the songs on me again this morning so I had to get those all re-worked up before the service. But the service did go well and the sermon was pretty good on Second Chances. Then things this afternoon were a lot of fun too. I went to the D-bergs for lunch and Han ended up coming too. Its always nice to have Han around since we hardly ever get to see him. So anyway Jo made some of the best chili I've had in awhile and I had like two helpings of it... then after lunch Allie and I attempted to get some homework done. I kind of dozed off though.. but thats pretty much normal now anyway. Later on Allie and I decided to go out and try witnessing. We got some flowers and took them to some of the old people's home then tried to talk to some of them. But unfortunatly we didn't really have any luck there. Most of them were either incoherant, or were pretty much already church goers. We would have possibly had an opportunity to witness to one of the nurses but by the time we at least had an opening one of the older ladies started bleeding so we had to let her go take care of that. We then drove around for awhile trying to figure out where to go next and I came up with going and walking around the james River for awhile to see if any opportunies arose to witness to the other people walking the trails around there. There were actually a lot of people around there but an opportunity still never opened up to start a conversation with any of those people. That wasn't a complete waste of time though by any means. It was awsome just taking a nice leasurley walk with a beautiful girl by my side enjoying Gods creation all around us. We had some good converstation and told stories of other times we had each gone hiking with friends and things. Allie had worn some pretty uncomfortable shoes though so her feet were hurting really bad for most of the walk back. I gave her a piggy back ride for part the walk back, but she said she felt stupid with me carrying her so she decided to just bare hurting feet instead. Anyway it was just a beautful day outside and I had a really really great time hanging out with my girlfriend trying to witness to people. Its unfortunate no opportunites arose the entire afternoon, but we still had fun. After returning home, we met up with Britt and Robert and we hung out on the trampoline for a little bit outside. Then we went inside and we had to finish our homework. Steve also ended up coming by because he was going to stay there for the night. So Allie and I talked to him for a good while before we became completely engrossed in our studies. I got most of mine done and then I slept the rest of the evening until we had to leave. Allie still had a lot to do but she fell asleep too. I think both of us needed the naps though because according to Jo we "looked like zombies". Anyway we managed to wake up (with much difficutly I might add) and get back to campus in time for curfew. So anyway, I thought today was a very very good day and now I"m good and tired and ready to sleep. So with that.. I'm going to do the Z thang! ZZZZZZzzzzz
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