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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
If Jeremy was available to blog, this is what he would say:

Today was a fairly good day. I stayed up really late last night doing homework and finishing up some other things that needed to get done. As you can see by my last post, I haven't gotten any sleep lately. The speaker in convo today was pretty good but I kept nodding off so it was hard to pay attention. After convo I went back to my room to work on my devotions.
It was pretty weird because I even started falling asleep at work today. I hope we weren't too busy...
After work I came back and ate dinner with Allie and Robert, and we were able to take out time and just talk, so that was fun. I then went back to my room, but I didn't get as much homework done as I wanted to. After MUCH deliberation, Allie and I decided to go to latenight. Even though we weren't very hungry, we had fun, and I ate french fries. Then we talked for a while and I went back to my room to do some more homework.
I realized I forgot to go to drama practice today. I'm sorry Cathy!
Over the weekend I got to watch all three Karate Kid movies. I was very deprived as a child since I had never seen them before. Allie and Brittany gave me the privilage of partaking in these everlasting classic epics that were by far some of the best karate movies I have ever seen.
I also can't remember if I mentioned that I flew again on Wed. It was really fun, and I wasn't really nauseous until the end so I was able to do some cool stuff.
Now I am working on homework and I probably will be for quite awhile. I let Allie write my blog even though she can't come up with anything funny to say. However, I think you should all go to her website www.xanga.com/ezekialgirl and make xanga accounts so you can comment. And speaking of that I want lots of comments on mine too!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:38 AM 

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