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Friday, April 22, 2005
Today I wasn't feeling very well. I"m not sure if I'm on the virge of getting sick or if it was just a weird day.. but I've had the sniffles a little and kind of a scratchy throat. I've also been really sore today from my pull up contest thing I did wednesday. Its possible that its all been related, but I"m not sure. I hope it doesn't get any worse. Anyway today was a pretty good day. I woke up early today and did my devotions so I could use my break after my first class to study for a test instead. I was really sleepy this morning though so it was hard to concentrate. But my studying went well I think because the test seemed fairly easy to me (for Aviation). After that class I then met up with Allie for lunch. We decided to get Sub sandwiches for takeout today and we had a nice little picnic out on the grass in the bright sun. It was really nice. Then after eating we talked some about the book we are both reading "Boundaries in Dating" and discussed some of our devotional times we had this week. It was really cool! I'll be looking forward to that every week. Anyway we then had to head over to work after that and the rest of the day was pretty normal for me at work. After work I grabbed takeout for dinner then came right back to my room for the rest of the evening. I had to work on a computer for someone so I managed to get that done tonight. I also had a little bit of homework to do but actually not that much so that was cool. Anyway then we had our regular hall meeting things. For prayer groups tonight I didn't actually lead my group tonight. Instead, one of the guys that is going to be a prayerleader on this hall next year took over tonight and did a "practice run". It actually kind of encouraged me because while I sat in on him leading my group he mentioned how he was in my prayer group last year and felt like it was one of the best groups he had been in so far. And then he said he was going to run the meeting tonight basicly the same way I ran mine when he was in it. That was really cool to see and I'm glad I'm doing things right. I hope all my guys feel the same way!! =oD After groups was over I ended up talking to my mom a little bit and I found out that a kind of indirect relative of mine died today. Thats pretty sad. Two people I was fairly close to has died in the last seven days. They were both on the older side of life and thier time was here, but its still sad. After talking to my mom I then ended up having some accountablity time with Robert tonight. The funny thing is.. I was actually going to try and make it to bed by midnight tonight. That just never seems to happen does it. Oh well.. maybe once summer gets here I'll actually have the chance to sleep a little. Ok anyway I am going to get to sleep now. Good night everybody!

PS. I'm really excited about Saturday!!! Yay!!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:07 AM 

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