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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Today was a pretty cool day. We had a special convocation that showed parts of all the missions trip Liberty did over Spring Break. I had to go sit in a group with my team. It felt great to be back in that "team" again. Too bad it had to be over... Then when it came time for them to talk about the Brazil trip they barely said anything. We had a short two minute video or something and then they just went on to the next country.. all the other countries had someone come up and speak about it, while they showed pictures and everything. I thought that was pretty crappy they didn't do much for ours... ours was just as cool! Anyway after all that was over Jonathan and I hung out for about an hour afterwards. We both ate lunch together and just sat and talked for awhile it was good times. I had to get going to a class though after that. Speaking of that, that class was all review and stuff because I am having a test in it on Monday.. I really need to get some studying done for that this weekend. Hopefully won't be too long. Ok after school I headed over to work as usual and we've kind of picked up buisness wise a little bit so things seem to go fast when that happends. After work I headed over to the Donnebergs house and I hung out with the family for awhile. Chuck and I even went out hunting in the woods behind thier house for awhile.. that was great! Then mom made a great dinner that I throughly enjoyed and we lounged in the basement for awhile until the "gang" came over. Rob, Jonathan, and Allie ended up showing up so we decided to go to the movies and see "National Treasure" I thought it was a great movie... and I even stayed awake the entire time! Thats gotta be some kind of record for me =). Ok so we ended up getting back on campus about 11:30ish and I gathered things together from the day. Now I'm all ready to go to bed! I'm excited for tomorrow though because I get to wake up and eat breakfast with my girlfriend before work. YAY!

PS.. didn't make it to bed quite before 1:00 tonight.. but look fairly close.. not too bad right?
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:05 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here