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Monday, May 30, 2005
I ended up laying in bed last night around 9:30 to read a book... well I ended up falling asleep there (I think around 10:30ish) and never woke up until morning.. So I never blogged... I woke up and found out that My mom had tried to write me on Instant Messenger.. I was out cold by that time I guess since I never answered her. Sorry mom (Katie too).. But it's no big deal nothing exciting happend saturday anyway.

Now Today was a good day though. I got to go and pick up Allie and finally give her a hug I've been wanting since her wreck. I am glad she is back now. I had church as usuall this morning though and the service over all went pretty well. After church I ended up hanging out there a little while and I got our church website setup so now you can download the sermons off the internet. Give it a try... go to: www.tlcinfo.com then click on "Archived Messages" under the last menu item on the left. Anyway after that I made the trip down to Pickup Allie. After getting back we ended up going to see a movie called "Passifire" with Jonathan. It was a really good movie I thought. I would recommend watching it. Shortly after the movie, Allie's Parents came back into town so I dropped her off back at her place and then I ended up going to Jonathans house for the rest of the evening. Over all I would say it was a good day. (expecially the seeing Allie part). Even with her scrapes and bruises she still looks as beautiful as ever.

Anyway.. I"m going to head to bed now. I have the day off work tomorrow, so I am planning on going up to a campsite with a few people from church to hang out for the day. I will have to head out fairly early to make sure I'm there in time to find them. So with that.. I bid thee goodnight!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:22 AM 

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