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Saturday, June 25, 2005
Today at work I had to do a service call. It just so happend to be fairly close to where Allie works, so after I finished what I needed to there I stopped in really quick to say hi to the cutest girl that works at the AACC. It was fun to do that. They actually had some left over hot dogs from lunch and they shared with me. So that was a nice little bonus. Anyway the rest of the work day other then that was pretty typical. We had to get the shop ready for Andys homecoming tomorrow as well. Not like we had to do much.. but we just emptied garbages and vacuumed and stuff.

This evening was great though. It was declared "guy night" with Jonthan and I. I went over to his house and he cooked some dinner (which was delicous by the way) and then we rented Braveheart and relaxed and watched that while eating Icecream all night. It was the first time I had seen that movie and I thought it was excellent. Over all we had a great time just hanging out and talking guy stuff. I'm back at my apartment now as last night was my last night at Andys. But my good ol place here was just as I left it and I was ready to come back I guess. Anyway I probably should get headed to bed now. Still have work tomorrow and I am going flying after that. I want to have the energy for both. So Good night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:36 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here