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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Welp... look at the days that went by before this blog showed up. I was going to blog yesterday but the website thing went down so I didn't end up doing it. Other then that though I just plain forgot or was too lazy. Yep sleep came first.. I try to uphold to the rule of "sleep first" that my mom and girlfriend and sisters keep telling me.. then what.. I get yelled at by people saying hey you need to blog more quit sleeping.. I mean common make up your mind or something =)
Anyway this weekend has been fairly good. I had a lot of time by myself though Jonathan was busy all weekend and Allie was out of town. I ended up getting a lot of reading done though. I finally finished this book I've been trying to finish for quite awhile now. Today was pretty nice too. And by the way.. Happy Fathers Day... Our church had a service focusing on being a Godly man and father. It was pretty good. Then afterwards the pastor invited me over to his house for lunch. We watched a bunch of funny homevideos of his family over the past years.. then we ended up watching Napolean Dinamite. I wasn't able to stay the whole way through though because I had to leave early and pick up Allie from her dads. I just got back from doing that and spending some time with her upon our arrival back in lynchburg. I went and took her to a place to eat then we went out for some coffee at Starbucks. It was nice to have her back. We also went to look at a potenial car for her. If it works out she might even buy it tomorrow. I really liked it and It would be perfect for her. Anyway.. now that I'm back at Andy's house I need to go take care of the cats and then I might possibly do some laundry. Then I'm thinking about just doing some reading again till I fall asleep. (will probably be fairly soon after that). So anyway Tah Tah For Now!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 9:17 PM 

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