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Sunday, July 03, 2005
We've been staying really busy here lately. Its been great though. Yesterday in the morning we went back into seattle and spent part of the morning at the Pike Place Market. I took my Allie on a stroll down "Post Alley" and we looked at all the shops and the fun little things they had going on down there. Once it got to be around 11ish we headed to the fairy boats and took a ride across the water to Bremerton. We didn't really do anything over there though we just got back on the boat and headed back to Seattle again once we got to the other side. The boat ride was pretty nice, but it wasn't as nice a day as I would have liked. It made it pretty cold to be outside and enjoy the day. It was still cool though and it was great to see the city from the water. My sister wasn't able to join us on the ferry ride though because she had to go get ready for a wedding. But Katie came along and it was a cool trip. I think Allie really liked it. After getting off the boat back at Seattle we had some lunch at Ivars (seafood) and then headed to the Pike Place Market one more time before leaving. Later that day we ended up going to the wedding that My sister was going to be in as a bridesmaid. I thought it was actually a nice change of pace to go to that and the reception was nice for the time we were there too. It made it possible to see Melissa also as she was going to be out of town all week if I hadn't seen her then. We ended up leaving a little bit early though because we had been out all day. It felt nice to come home and crash after it was over. We kind of ended the night watching a movie called "Loves enduring promise" I barely made it through but I went right to bed after it was over.

Today we all took a trip up to the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Shores. It was a great time. I think the highlight of the day was getting the chance to ride a horse on the beach. Allie said one of her dreams was to ride a horse on the beach. So It was great to be able to have her do that today. It was only my third time I think riding a horse, and the horse they gave me seemed to be pretty tempermental, but it was still a lot of fun I had a blast. I am now a red neck though because I got a pretty good sunburn. It was nice. Nothing will mask my whiteness though. I don't think there is anything I can do about that. We collected a few shells as well and just hung out. That was a great trip! My sister, Allie and I ended up falling asleep on the trip home. Katie took some candid shots of us sleeping, they're pretty funny. After arriving back home from the trip. Danny, Andy, and My aunt and Uncle ended up coming over and we had a large spagetti dinner. It was glad I had a chance to see danny. I was worried that I wouldn't have had a chance while I was here. It was very good to see him. I missed that punk! Just as they all left Seth showed up and I spent a little bit of time with him tonight as well. He is still here but I think I just need to go to bed still. Its been a fairly long day and I'm exahsted. Tomorrow I get to go see everybody from church!! Ok I really need to get to bed now though. Night!
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       Read my archived posts! Click Here