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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Sorry I haven't been blogging too well lately. School started and I guess I wasn't too ready for it. Every night I've been too tired to attempt anything more. So now I will do a quick catch up possibly and fill you in on a few details. Classes started on wednesday and my first class is Accounting. On the first day of class I already have homework assigned and I have a feeling that very soon, that class is going to be kicking my butt. The teacher seems a little better then last year though. She actually teaches rather then just tells us answers. That class goes for two hours before we were released from our Accounting prison. We then had our first convocation and Good ol Jerry did the sermon for the day. It was his typical first of the semester sermon and I can't tell you how many times I've heard it. (He preaches it at other times too). After convo though I actually have a pretty decent class. Its called Creation Studies and I have it with my RA's and Allie's RA's. The teacher is new this year but I think he may turn out to be a pretty good teacher. I liked the first class. After that I have lunch with Allie so that is nice having the same break with her. We can eat together then walk to our cars before heading to work together, it works out nice. The rest of the day was fairly normal as I went to work and then to church. After church though I had a meeting with the leadership on my hall and they assigned us our prayer groups. By now I hadn't even started my Accounting homework so I attempted to get that done. Turns out I had to register online to get stuff I needed for that class. But I couldn't do that until I had something else. So I kept going in circles and not really getting anywhere. I ended up e-mailing the teacher and telling her what was going on. Here and there all through the evening people keep coming into my room and asking me computer questions or bringing me computer thigns to work on. So I never really got much else done that night. When it got late I just had to go to bed. I couldn't do anything else.

Thursday I have a pretty interesting schedule. My first class is Database Administration. I only have three other classmates in that class. It seems like it will be a fairly simple class but its just weird having only four people in it. Its kinda cool on thursdays for me because I get to see Allie after every class because we are right near each other for all of our classes. My second class for that day is American Liturature. At first I was really worried about that class because english every teacher is different and you never know what to expect from them. Turns out my teacher seems pretty fun and interesting so I may end up enjoying that class. He let us out a little bit early that day too. After english I have two hours before my other class starts. In a way thats cool but I wish it wasn't like that so I don't have to go to work so late those days. But it gave me a chance to sit with Allie for a little bit before she went to her next class, and then I was able to have a nice leasurly lunch. Then guess what... my third class that day is another computer class and in that class I also only have three other classmates. They aren't the same three either they are different people. Its very very strange having a class that small. I'm not sure if I like that idea yet. Now if the teacher tries to ask a question to the class I might actually have to answer. That could be annoying =). Anyway once that class was over I had to practially run to my car because that class doesnt' get over until 1:35. I've never had to go to work that late yet, but I may just have to change the schedule those days to not start till 2:00. I don't really like doing that but I'm gonna have to I think. Anyway work was pretty typical again on thursday. I did have to hurry back to campus after work though because I had an avaition meeting that had started at 6:00. I ended up getting there about 15 minutes late and still heard what I needed to. For the most part though I probalby could have got away without going to it because most of the information was for the people that fly over at Lynchburg airport. I fly at Falwell so it didn't apply. But it was cool to hang with all the aviation students and proffessors for a little while. After that was over I ended up going to Pastor Johns Parents house that evening and I had to do some work with thier computers. I ended up being thier working on them until around 9:00. I had to hurry back to campus again though because I still had to do some slight preparation for prayer groups that night. Then we had hall meeting at 10:00 followed by my prayer group. My guys seemed to really enjoy the group and it ended up going until around 11:30. We just hung out with each other and talked and prayed together for awhile. It was pretty cool. Then by that time it was pretty late and I hadn't even started any homework or anything. I had to just do what was needed that night and I still got to bed pretty late.

Friday turned out to be a very relaxing day though. I don't have any classes on friday so that is pretty cool. The only thing I need to do on campus that day is go to Convocation and of course walk Allie to class. I used some of the break to get some homework done and I also had to pack for the weekend because the leadership team from our hall was going to a retreat center for the weekend for a team building time and some spiritual growth. convo was pretty good friday and Rob Jackson talked about having fear of the Lord. I thought it was one of his better messages. I then waited for Allie to get out of class before going to lunch and by that time the lines were fairly long so we both had to rush so we could get to work on time. I ended up being a little late still but Andy didn't care too much. I hope Allie wasn't too late. I forgot to ask about that. The day at work was pretty normal again and nothign too exciting to report on there. But once I got off work I had to leave as soon as I could so I could meet the rest of the leadership team up at the retreat center called Eagle Eyree. I made it in time by 6:30 and they were just having dinner, so I didn't miss too much. The rest of the evening was really cool and we talked and got to know each other better. The SLD's and RA's all then shared a short lesson with us all and challenged us as well. It was really good. Most of the guys stayed up pretty late hanging out. I ended up just going to bed around 1:30 since I had such a long day. Since I was out in the boonies I didn't have any way of blogging that night. But now I think I'm all caught up. I feel quite a bit better now. =) Sorry mom and dad it took me so long. I know you were all curious about it all.
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