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Monday, September 26, 2005
Ok I'm going to try to write a quick catch up blog. A lot of fun and great things have gone on this weekend. I'll start off with my awsome and amazing date with my incredible girlfriend on Friday. After work I had to run by the church to get things prepared for church this sunday. I had to do it then or I wouldn't have had a chance the rest of the weekend. Anyway I had Allie come and meet me at the church after I got done with the powerpoint setup and we went over to Moe's Wings for dinner followed by a nice relaxing time at "The Daily Grind" Coffee Shop. We just hung out for awhile there enjoying each others company. It was there I discovered how cool it is the way I reflect off of her eyes when I gaze into them. It was very enchanting =)! After leaving the coffee shop we then returned to campus and dropped off our stuff from the day back at our dorms, then walked down to the Schilling Center to wait in line so we could go see a Justin Lookadoo talk at a Late night meeting. He is author of a book called Datable and he was going to speak to the campus about dating (at least we thought so). Well it was supposed to start around 11:00 and come to find out, they were running really really late and they didn't even let the students in until just after 12:00. We were there for about an hour and a half before we finally got to go inside. During that time Allie and I engaged ourself in a dissussion during the wait. Once we were able to go inside they then didn't even start the thing for another 20 minutes or so after that. By this time Allie and I both kind of had the mind set of just wanting to leave... I really wanted to hear him speak but by this time we both were kind of turned off because of them taking so long. We still stayed for about the first 30minutes of him talking but then decided to just get up and walk out anyway. Personally I didn't feel like I was getting anything out of what he had to say and for the first part of it all he did was sterotype girls and guys. It was kind of annoying. He was funny in parts but, just wasn't worth staying out till 1:30am to hear it. We both had to wake up early the next morning to get to Baltimore.

Ok so Saturday was another extremly extraordinary day. Allie and I had the privledge to go up to Baltimore for a day trip with a group from Liberty. We had to be at the Student Center by 7:30 that morning so we could check in and get some paper work filled out and stuff. The Bus didn't end up leaving until it was about an hour late. But the trip went smoothly and we got to Balimore just after noon. The only problem with the drive was the fact the AC was on full blast and there was no adjustment knob or anything. My poor little darling was getting all cold and stuff. I had thought about bringing a little jacket but had decied not to, and I wished I had after having to watch her suffer amongst her goosebumps. She was strong and survived it though and we made it to good ol' baltimore. The first thing we did was just walk around a little bit and find someplace to eat. Allie had a tasteful craving for Crab Cake so we scouted out a good restaraunt to partake of that "Baltimorian" delight. It was my first time ever having one and I thought they were pretty good. I was glad to have experienced that. As we tried to find a place to eat it though we found out there was no chairs anywhere that were vacant for us to sit. We ended up having to go all the way out side and sitting along the dock to sit down. I was actually glad we had to though because it was a better view anyway. We even saw a huge school of fish swim by and a couple jelly fish as well, It was fun. As we finished our lunch we contemplated what we were going to do next. We decided to go to the Baltimore Aquarium and get some tickets. It was kind of sad because they didn't have the dolphin show. It would have been really cool to be able to see that, but the aquarium itself was really really awsome. I'm glad we did that instead of the baseball game. I got most of the visit on video and I'll try to get that up online sometime when I can. But the animals were very cool and the kids that were there looking at them all were fun to watch too. Over all that was a great place to go. The only thing it lacked was an Octopus. I really wanted to see one =(. Oh well I got over it. After leaving the aquarium Allie and I ended up just walking around the town looking at the sights and the beauty of the scenery.
As beautiful as all of it is It just couldn't compare to Allie at all. I had the most beautiful thing in baltimore walking around with me all day, my hand in hers. It is humbling to have such a great privledge and honor of sharing a day with this fine girl. I think it took all of God's creative juices to make someone so astounding and stunning. She is truly one of the reasons God calls his creation "Good". Little undeserving me sits and tries to take the Blessing as well as I can.
As we continued our walk around the city we ended up in a place call Fells Point. It was a historic part of the city and we went in and looked at some of the shops and tried to find a place to eat. Allie spotted a cool little diner type place and we went for it. Turns out that it was one of the better restarunats I've been to. The food was well priced, but yet was extremetly delicious. The waitress was very nice as well. It was a good quick place to eat. Allie sure can pick em. After eating we had to get back to the main part of town so we could be in vacinity of the bus drop off point when the time came. We ended up walking by a really cool italian restarunt and one of the guys from it talked to us with a great itailin accent. Allie was excited about that and she thought it was really cool. If we hadn't eaten already we may have had to go there to eat. We had to just walk by instead though. By this time it was really close to get picked up by the bus so we just went right to the pick up area and waited for them to come. We ended up making really good time back to Lynchburg and got back with more then enough time before curfew. I will tell you though that I had a fabulous time, and I am so glad i was able to go.
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