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Friday, October 28, 2005
I think some people misinterpreted the motivation for my previous post. I did not write them to show my trial. I wrote them to show the surrender. David had to break down and just cry out to God. I needed the same. These are not verses of desparation as a whole, they show the restoration God will bring. It was a great source of encouragment.
It's easy to fall into the trap of self-pity or self-condemnation. Don't fold over to the lies of the enemy whispering your life as meaningless and can be anything but rich and satisfying. For as long as God is God that will never be. It's as if in pitying yourself, you're pitying God who created you for His Glory. You are His pride and joy. You're better off pitying the thought of pitying.

"Yes, I'm still alive".

I think God is trying to get this message across to all of us. How can I get caught up worrying over meaningless things, trivial really, in comparison to God, when God is reassuring me all the time that, "Yes, I'm still alive"?

In the verses I typed out in my previous post, I don't think David was pitying his situation. He was crying out to God! Even though David felt imprisoned in his cave out of fear for his life, he trusted that God would rescue him. By faith he considers the time when he will be out of this prison. Those that trust God will surround him and join him in thanking God for his rescue. David may have felt overwhelmed with his present troubles, but he looked forward in faith to the time when God would deliver him. He can confidently say at the end of verse 7, "you will vindicate me." Can you say the same? Do you have as much confidence as David did? I have regained that confidence and I am greatful. In the end the Glory goes to God. He is truly worthy of it.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:22 AM 

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