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Friday, October 07, 2005
My english test today was pretty horrible and I have no idea how I did on them. There was one section of 25 matching items, then a part where I had to write a paragraph on 7 of the 10 topics he had for us. Then a third part where we had to write a full one page essay on 4 of the 5 other topics he had picked for us. This was completely crazy and there is really no possible way for us to do all of that in an hour and a half setting. I was able to get three of the essay questions answered but class was over by the time I could even start the fourth one. When I left about 90% of the class was still working on it. I have a feeling everybody did bad on it. I just don't see what went through my professors mind when he thought we could do all that in a regular class period. Thats also the first time I have hand written an essay in probalby over 5 years. I had to really modify my hand writing style for this test too. Since he judged it at one page in length I wasn't able to write the way I normally do. I had to write really big for once. I think my writing is even sloppyer when I have to write big like that. I hope he is able to read it. So anyway that was not a good experience today and I truly hope God's hand was on my work because I know I was hopeless on my own for that.
But anyway like I said last night... no matter how bad the test was there was no possible way that was going to ruin my day. I ended up getting a teddy bear and some chocolate for my beautiful girlfriend this morning and gave it to her on the way to class. So she was stuck carrying my gifts around with her all day :-D.. aren't I evil? I had also stashed a nice little note for her to find in her car when she went to work later on. Both of us just went about our regular routine best we could today and I made sure I found her between most of her classes to sit and talk for a few minutes. Today is the day our schedules don't match up very well though so we weren't able to eat lunch toghether or anything. I just finished up my day of classes and headed over to work. As the day drew to a close about an hour and a half before we closed Allie stopped in to my work and brought me some gifts. She had made me some cookies and had a nice little card to give me for today. It was really sweet of her and the cookies were so delicous. Andy and Jason really liked them all too. It was kind of too bad we were so busy at work though or I would have probalby had her hang out a little longer. But that didn't work out unfortunatly. But once I did finally get off work I had the privledge of taking my girlfriend of 6 months out for a nice dinner at a mexican restarunt. We then went to a concert afterwards. Since it was thursday night we couldnt' really make it too late of a night though. We had to be back to our dorms by around 9:30ish for hall meeting and prayer groups. It was all a very good day though and I enjoyed the time with my huggable, loveable, and unbelievable gal.
Hall meeting tonight was pretty good, we had a campus pastor come to our hall and talk to us for it. He talked about "LOL" (Live out Loud). I didn't end up doing the lesson I had planned for my prayer group though because of the speaker in hall meeting. But we still had a good time of prayer and fellowship for awhile after it. Once the guys left my room though I had some more homework I needed to work on. I just got done picking out a topic for yet another 5 page paper for my horrendous english class. I'm starting to wonder if my accounting class has become better then the english class. Its kind of a tough call for that right now.. I'll have to think about that. Anyway I really should get to bed. The Z's are calling my name. Good night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:10 AM 

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