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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Today was a good relaxing day. I sure needed it. I was able to sleep in until around 8:00 and that was really cool. Then I went to ministry chapel with Allie. The turn out for chapel this morning was really low. I don't think too many people knew about it this week. It was really good though. After chapel I had a great opportunity to sit and hang with Jonathan for about an hour or so. That was great, it had been a good while since we have done that. He had a class at the same time I meet up with Allie for lunch though so as he left I met with Allie and we headed to lunch. The rest of the day I went to work and it was a fairly typical normal day. Nothing too exciting to report on there. After work Allie and I had plans to take Jugee to go see a play tonight. It was going to be really cool and she was excited about it. But it turns out that it was all Sold out and we weren't able to go anyway. It was really sad. =( I ended up just hanging out with Jugge and Allie for awhile at thier house this evening. I did have to stop by the church for awhile though too, but that was a fairly short stop and I got what I needed to get done, done. After leaving the Donnebergs house I had to come back and get started on some homework. I actually have a pretty good amount to do this weekend. I hope I don't get too distracted.

Tomorrow morning at 8am I have to meet with a group for a project we are doing for class. Then, after work I am going flying too. So I already have a busy day tomorow coming up. (And that is my weekend day). But I think I'm ready to tackle it. I need to get to sleep first though tonight to prepare. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:22 AM 

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