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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Today was a pretty busy day for me even though I didn't have any classes. I still had to wake up early because I had that Hep A shot this morning. I was supposed to be there at 8am and I was.. but at the wrong one. Apparently there are two "internal medicine" locations. I ended up calling and finding out which was the right one.. (just down the road) and I headed there. I made it by about 8:20 or so. It worked out pretty well. My arm is still sore from the shot though. I hate shots!!
After my shot I returned to campus so I coudl try to get to ministry chapel with Allie & Jonathan, it turns out though that minisisty chapel was canceled today and so I had to walk all the way back to the Vines Center and forego the joys of ministry chapel. I was still able to sit with Jonathan though so that was cool. After that I don't have class either so I went back to my room and did some devotions, then worked on getting a flight plan together for my flight after work. By the time I got donw with that Allie's class was almost out so I ran down to meet her out front of her class room, then we had the privledge of eating lunch together before we both had to head off to work.
Things at work today were pretty good. I am putting together a server for the Calvary Chapel here in Lychburg. They want a pretty good setup too, so that shoudl be fun to setup and configure. I barely got through the third stage of getting it all setup before we had to close for the night. I just left it to do its thing over night though. I couldn't stay late to shut it off before I left because I had to fly tonight.
So now we've come to my flight tonight. It was really well and I'm excited about it. The Stage check guy thought I was good enought to continue to move on. He told me a few things i really need to work on though. But now that that is over I only have about six more lessons left before my traing part is officically done. I then will still need to take a written and a final flying test. Thats still a ways down the road though. Anyway all went well with that tonight. Thanks for all those who were praying for me (Katie I know you were for sure so thanks!)
After I got done flying tonight though I had to see my awsome girlfriend and take her out on a date. We ended up going to see a movie called "the Island". I don't really have much time to go into it that much, but that movie really gives you a glimse of the sinful and Godless world we live in. I really recomend seeing it just so you can see the amazing persepective of the people we are told to witness and be a testamony to. Just real quick there was one line I remember I want to share with you: "The guy was asked, who is God.. in response he said 'You know when there is something you really want in life and you ask for life to be better, Well God is the guy that ignores you when you ask'" (not word for word but thats the jist of it). Thats how a lot of people think in this world. Thats only a small portion of the thoughts of these people displayed in this movie. Seriously.. go rent it and watch for yourself.
Ok so anyway that basicly covers my day today. It was pretty busy wasn't it... I really need to get to bed now though, I have work in the morning. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:01 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here