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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Well, turns out I'm all signed up for classes for next semester. It should have me on track to graduate by May. I had to take an intensive over christmas break though to make it all work. For the one class it ended up costing $1400. They couldn't attach it to a payment plan or anything either so I just had to charge it to my credit card in order to sign up. I'm greatful that my parents were willing to help me with that though. They have been so great, I love my parents. I have been missing them a lot more lately. I think its starting to get to me some that I won't be going home for Christmas. It is sad but I still have a lot to be greatful for.
I didn't get a chance to blog last night after my date night with my lovely girlfriend. We had a really good time. I took her to a Brazilian restaruant in Roanoke. It had really good food and the atmosphere was excellent. It was like a perfect date place. We ended up having to wait for awhile though because we didn't have a reservation. But it worked out well still. It was just a fun time with good conversation. It made us both miss Brazil =(. Then on the trip back a really amazing thing happend (or at least we found out about it on the trip back). Allie has been trying to witness to her cousin for a really long time and she has had a burden to get him saved for awhile. Well he had called her on the drive back and talked to Allie for over an hour about how to grow in the Lord. He had gotten saved recently and is just hungry for God. It was so cool to see how the Lord has worked in that area. Allie stayed on the phone talking to him for as long as she could, but her battery didn't hold out and died shortly before we got back to campus. I hope she gets a chance to talk to him more again later this weekend. So it was a great date over all that ended with great news. God is so amazing!
Today was fairly normal though, I woke up early and went to work for the day. After work I stopped in at church for a bit so I could get the powerpoint done and then I had to make a phone call to help someone with a computer question. That ended up taking like 40 minutes. It was kind of annoying, but at least we got it working for the most part. Then I headed to the Donnebergs for rest of the evening. Jo made us an amazingly delicious dinner and it had bacon in it so that was awsome cause I love bacon so much. Then we watched "Batman Begins", then "Because of Winn-Dixie." It was a fun and relaxing evening. I even got some laundry done as well. Now I am back in my room hoping to get to bed. I have to wake up early for church tomorrow, and I have a feeling it will be a long day of homework since I dind't do any at all tonight. Goodnight!
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