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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Man, these last few days have been filled with so much cool stuff. I wish I had time to go over all of it. Christmas day was a lot of fun, I missed my family back home, but my family here took care of me really well. I love them all so much. I got a lot of new clothes. I really did need them though. Its not like I would ever go shopping for myself unless Allie came with me or something. They got me some good stuff. My sister even sent me some really cool clothing items as well, including a nice winter coat. It should all be fun. Allie also really liked her new laptop she was basicly speechless as she saw it, it was great! I ended up getting her a new bible for christmas as well and she was glad to have it. She was extremly happy to see all her fun stuff. I enjoyed watching her in her excitment. She is so astonishingly cute! I have quite a few more pictures I can add and show you all possibly in the next few days.

Today I slept in until around 9:40 or so and that was nice to be able to do again. I ended up getting called by my work this morning too just as they opened up shop with questions about the server. The rest of the morning was pretty slow but good. Britt ended up going with me to get a hair cut around noon. It was fun to have some time with her to hang. She is pretty fun! After getting back from my hair cut, Allie and I left shortly after that to North Carolina to her dad's house. We had to take two cars this time though and that was really annoying. I wasn't able to stay the whole time since I still had to work and stuff so I'll have to leave wednesday sometime. It was a three hour drive to her dads today and I think I was on the phone with my work about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of the trip. It worked out nice though so I could have something to do during the drive. I think they are on track with the server setup now though and I hope it goes pretty smoothly for them the next few days. I am expecting a few more phone calls though. I hope I am able to stay here the whole time though. If I am able to stay until wednesday I would be able to meet one of Allie's cousins that I have wanted to meet for a really long time. I'm looking forward to that. After arriving here today earlier this evening Allie opened up the rest of her christmas gifts from her dad and she ended up getting a printer and some more accessories for her laptop. She was thrilled about the printer though as she has sooo needed one lately. We ended up playing with her new toys most of the eveing. We did some fun digital camera pictures and then tried to print them all out It was cool. Anyway it ended up getting pretty late on us though and we needed to head to bed. So I am going to have to go do that now. I don't have any specfic time I need to wake up though that is always nice. Night Everyone!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:12 AM 

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