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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Today started out with snow coming down outside. It really did look pretty, but I don't really like having to walk around campus in it or drive to and from work in it. Its not really fun unless I can play in. Anyway my first class today was accounting and we are just reviewing for our final next week. After that I had convo and on the way there Allie popped up behind me and grabbed me cause I guess she got out of class a little early. It was a nice surprise to see her when I didn't expect that. I still had to head to my dorm first to swap books before it started though so we didn't get to talk long. Convo today was really good though and I enjoyed it so that was a nice. After convo I had one more class for the day and then was able to go each lunch with Allie before work. Work was nice today, we got quite a bit accomplished since we didn't have too many customers because of the snow.. we still were really really busy though catching up from a crazy weekend. After work I made it back to campus and picked up my lovely girl of mine at her dorm then we went to dinner. We then had our prayer leader final exam after dinner. I think we did pretty well on it. Allie said she got it all.. I think I may have missed one sentence of a verse though. Anyway after that meeting Allie and I went and talked about a book we are reading then we had a challenging talk over some stuff. WE then had to both get some homework done. I was able to finish a paper I needed done, she still had some math to take care of though but we ended up coming back to the dorms by then anyway. I really should start to get to bed now though. I guess I still have to do that sometimes. Night!

PS. I ended up getting a perfect score on that accounting project I had due last week. It was great to find that out!!!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:49 AM 

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