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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
This morning I had Andy come pick me up from school and I went to work with him today. I had called the car garage and told them about my van this morning at 8:30. By the time Andy and I had got to work (around 9:30) they had already called me back and told me what they had found wrong and an estimate on what needs to be done to fix it. Turns out that it was the freeze plugs that were causing the leak. They would need to be replaced. However because of the way my van is made, the only way to get to the plugs is to remove the transmission and expose the engine block. That would be a lengthy job and they estimated about $550 to get the job done. I thought about it for a little bit and called them back to have them do it. The day at work was fairly typical and nothing too exciting happend there today. About 12:00 they called me back again and told me that my clutch was wearing down and would probably need to be replaced in the year, he recommended just doing it now though because while the transmission was out they could do it without any extra labor charge. The clutch itself was another $150 though. But I went ahead and did that too. Then surprisingly at about 3:00 they gave me another call and it was ready to go already. They are really good! So I had to be at a class today at 4:40 and Chuck was nice enough to come and pick me up from work and take me to class. By the time he got there though I decided I could just have him drop me off at the shop and I could pick up my van and drive myself. So he did that for me. Thanks a lot Chuck! When I went in to pay for my van I found out that they helped me out on the price quite a bit. They ended up shaving off about $200 worth of stuff for me since I work on thier computers. Normally because I also got the cluctch changed it would have been about $750. But the final price ended up being about $580. They also did a complete oil change for me as well. It seems to be running great now! My car is happy again! If that doesn't show you God's provision I can't think of anything that would. Thank you everybody for the prayers, clearly God heard them!
After returning to campus for my class I had to kind of hurry because I was running a little bit late. But I still made it in time for my class and it went from 4:50 - 8:10). I'm not sure what to think about that class yet. I kinda think it may be a busy work class. I know already I'll need to write a 30page research paper in it. That was a big bummer to find out. Oh well, if God can make the repair on my van work out cheaply and sucussefully, whose to complain about a paper? God will get me through I know! Afterwards I met with Allie for a bit to eat some dinner and then we had a prayer leader meeting. That was finally the last thing of the day for me though. I could finally get back to my room. I had quite a bit to do tonight after getting back since I hadn't been here at all today. I am up pretty late, its kinda sad. I have to wake up early too. I better get to bed. Night!
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