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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Well, school starts tomorrow. I guess I'm ready for it in a way. Its my last ditch effort to graduate. Hope it all goes well! =) My last two days before class have been busy but good. I worked full time on Monday again and ended up staying a little bit late to get to a stopping point on a project we were working on. But I was due for dinner over at the Donnebergs monday night so I couldn't stay to finish it. Dinner sure was fun though. Scott and Steph had come over and they actually provided the pizza for us all. It was fun having them around. It was fun to see Scott turn red because he was laughing so hard over stuff. Ah.. good times.. =). Afterwards Alie and I headed back to campus. Yeah.. she is back now too. So anyway we talked for awhile that evening in Demoss before going to back to the dorms for the night.

I had to wake up early today though because I had to get to work and finish that project we didn't get done last night. I ended up getting to work at 8:30. I actually stopped in for breakfast at the Marriot before heading out thouhg. It was my first meal at the dinning hall this semester. In a way.. I kinda missed it. Anyway I was able to get to the job site around 8:30 and I had it all setup and configured finally by 11:30. So that worked out pretty well. The rest of the day was kind busy too back at that shop though but we held out strong. Later this evening was really fun though. It was Chuck's birthday today and we had a good time with that. I went over to thier house for dinner and we had fondue. It was a lot of fun.. I ate quite a bit. We also got him lots of cool presents for his vacation (Jo surpised him tonight with a trip they are taking and she planned it all out and they are leaving thrusday). So anyway that was really fun and I know he enjoyed it. Anyway I am back at the dorm now starting to get ready for bed. I will have to train myself to get back on a schedule of some sort. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:55 AM 

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