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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Hi everybody! This is Allie updating for Jeremy. He has had a super busy week and decided to give me the pleasure of writing his blog for him. So here goes!
The time with his sisters was great and he really really enjoyed having them here. On Monday after convo he took them downtown to see all the lovely sights of Lynchburg. They had a decent flight later and made it back safely. Then Jeremy started to work on my Valentine's day stuff. He was up until 2 the night before doing it, and it put a lot of effort and money and love into it.
When I woke up this morning I got to see what he did. There was a sign on our glass door that said Happy Valentine's Day Allie Murray with all sorts of stuff on it. Then I came out side and there were three huge banners. One said "You are the one I love", one said "happy Valentine's Day!" And one said "Everytime a red ribbon you see, please remember how much I love thee." He had stuch sooo many red ribbons and bows to these stakes and nailed them into the ground this morning. He hung them off of trees and on the stairwells and everything. Lots and lots and lots of them made a trail all the way to his dorm. When I got there he was waiting with five really cute balloons (one was a really big puppy) tied to a stuffed animal adorable dog that I named ribbon. then he had a teddy bear holding a heart picture frame with a picture of us in it, and a huge tobleron because I love those. And he gave me a card that unfolded is probably 2x3 feet! We walked to class like that and it was great. Then he gave me a book he had written and illustrated himself about How Much I Love You and I love that book! He told me he had slept late today because he wanted to get up at 4:30 and make the trail go all the way to my classroom (!!!) but he didn't wake up til 6. But I told him I absolutely loved it and I knew he would have done that and that it was perfect and not to feel bad. :-D
We went on with our normal class which was pretty good, and Jeremy then went flying today. It went pretty well, but since it had been a while he got pretty queesy and really didn't feel good by the time I saw him. He took a little nap and that helped some, and after my classes, we went out to eat. We decided to try a restaurant in town right on the riverfront and we got a wine sauce and garlic chicken thing that was really really good. I gave him my present then too. I made him a CD and I wrote a poem. Each line got cut out and stuck to a corresponding present. so "I've bean thinking about you today" was jelly beans, "Juicy the way I looked at you last night" was juice, and so on. He can tell you the whole thing if he wants later. I also gave him a card that he liked. We drove a little to listen to the CD after dinner, then cam eback so he could do some homework and catch up on some much needed sleep. He's still feeling pretty yucky so pray for him. But he is the most amazing guy ever and it was a wonderful Valentines day!!!!!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:43 PM 

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