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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Monday 13th 2006

Monday was a really tough work day, but it was great. We had to wake up by 7:00am for breakfast. After breakfast, we helped clean up dishes and the dinning room and stuff. Then our group got together in the chapel for a quick briefing meeting. We had a short bible study then we went over what was going to happen that day. Our job for monday was to go to the the site where they are building a new orphanage complex and help the workers there. There was actually a lot to do, but at first it seemed like we stood around a lot waiting for a job. Once things got rolling we acomplished a lot though. one Job we had was moving cinder blocks from one side of a location to another. There were roughly 2-300 of them probably. We setup an assembly line though and we got them moved in about 40 minutes after that was completed they assigned some guys to trench digging and others to dirt moving and a group I was in had to move piles of trash into a burn pile. Its amazing how long it takes to move a pile of trash 60ft. With about 7 of us we were moving trash for well over an hour. It sure felt good to be doing something rather then stand around though. Once the trash pile was moved I went up to go help dig in the treches. We were working on a foundation so Our job was to get a trench dug that was about 16inches deep and 24inches wide around the border of where the building was going. Most of the trench was already there, but there was about a 30ft section that Me and two other guys had to dig out. It was cool, because I got to use a jackhammer to soften up the ground and chip away the sides some so we could dig it out better. I liked that thing, it was fun. Anyway, so I spent most of the day hunched over shoveling dirt out of a trench. My back is extremely sore right now. We ended up stopping for about a 40minute lunch in the middle and it was really good. They had PB&J sandwitches and also turkey and cheese sandwiches, It was kind of rough with the break in the middle though and then having to get back to work once it was over. One of the things about working there that was tough was the amount of tools they had. There were too many of us to all have a shovel or pickaxe etc. There was actually still a few people that had to stand around awhile while waiting for a job they could do. Overall the day was very productive though. The main person in charge said at the end before we left that we had helped them do about a weeks worth of work in only 7 hours and they were now ahead of schedule. That was good to see. On the drive back we took the beach route and we could see the ocean the whole trip back to the orphanage. It was cool for the part I saw, but I ended up falling asleep. I think Allie video taped some stuff while I was asleep though. After getting back we found out the water was back on and running so I hurried up to get a shower before the hot water went away. A warm shower (with major temp fluctuations however) sure was good. It was nice to be clean again. After the shower we just kind of relaxed for awhile until dinner was ready. The meal of course was again very good and was perfect after a hard day of work. We then just stuck around the orphanage and gave attention to the kids until it was time for them to go to bed. After they went to bed we had a debreifing meeting and shared things that we realized or learned so far on the trip. Those meeting have been pretty good. After the meeting, those that wanted to could go with the group and walk down the street a couple blocks and go to a little store to get some candy or chocolate or something. I went with them all, but I didn't end up buying anything there. I realized though on the trip there and back that it was hard to walk. My legs were sore and stiff and I kind of had to wadle to keep up. Allie kept trying to push me to go faster, but that didn't really help that much. Anyway after the walk back we kind of sat and hung out for awhile in the dinning hall but I didn't stay long. I was pretty tired so I just went on to bed.
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