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Monday, March 13, 2006
Sunday 12th 2006
Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day, things picked up a little better today and i didn't feel so aimless wandering around doing nothing. First we had breakfast at 8am with the kids and then we hung around for a little bit, then at 10:30 we all headed out for a church service at the mexican church. It was in an old building where wrestling matches used to take place so the stage was in the middle and the people were all around it. It was kind of fun. Random translators took seats among us and people were translating all around us as they spoke. I was at a spot where it was still hard to hear though and i had a tough time following the message. Allie was able to keep track pretty well though and she filled me in at a few places. The service seemed a little longer then I was used to though, but it was probably mostly because I had a hard time understanding. From what I got out of the message it seemed like a good one. After the service we headed back to the orphanage to have some lunch. By the time we got there, the kids had pretty much eaten already so we just moved in and joined those left at the tables. There is another "mission trip" group here too while we are. They are a catholic group from Ohio. It so far has proven interesting working with them. We are all commited to being loving and respectful of them while we are here working together. It is our hope that we don't offend them in anyway, but we also want to make sure we portray to them the true hope that is in us and that we genuinely care. So anyway, we also ate with them for lunch sunday. I don't know for sure if they went to Mass sunday morning or what. But they were still at the orphanage when we left for church that morning and they were there again when we got back. Anyway, pray this week for not only our ministry with the mexican people here but also with our minisry workignn with this catholic group that we would be a good example of Christ for them.

After lunch the liberty group went to the market in the tourist area of tijuana. The missionary dropped us off there at around 2 and gave us two hours to shop around on the streets for awhile. It was a pretty fun experience and Allie found some good gift/souveneir stuff. I did find one thing there that I ended up getting though. It was a tijuana hoodie. I got it not only because it was a tijuana thing, but also because I really needed somethign thick wear around and while I was sleeping during this trip while the weather is so cold. It is a little big, but I like it a lot. So anyway, the missionay ended up comign back to get us roughly two hours later and we got back to the orphanage in time for a church service there in thier chapel with the kids and staff. At this service they ended up taking communion and with the language barrier our group got really confused as to what to do for it. Only some of our group was able to take communion. It was a little bit humorous though I thought. After the chapel service we prepared for dinner. I tried to see if they needed help in the kitchen or anything but they didn't need me for that. I just played with some of the small kids while I waited. Dinner again was extremley delicious and I am surprised by the quality of the food here, even when cooking for so many people. After dinner the missionary gathered up both the liberty group and the catholic group and asked to see who then wanted to drive to see and check out the beach. I ended up going and so did quite a few others. Even though by this time it was cold and dark there was a good turn out to go. We got there and ordered coffee at a little coffe shop there and some of the group played in the ocean. The coffee shop is apparently a hang out spot for a lot of the people around here and there was a lot of people packed into the place. They had a little band there that did drum music. They also had some girls that danced and stuff to it. meanwhile, it took us all about 15 minutes to get all our coffee ordered, then it took another 20 or so for us to get our order. It was extremly packed and confusing to keep track of everything. I think it worked out for the most part and only a few got somethign different. Anyway, while there a lot of the mexican people there mingled among us and watched us be college students. Some made fun of the people that went and waded in the ocean saying "Frio.. Frio" being that it was so cold and somewhat windy that night. It was cool to go and see it and the night life and everything, but I really hope we get a chance to go back in the day time. The beach just was not the same at all at night. We were able to see LA city light from the beach though and that was cool. I just want to go back so I can get good daylight pictures and hopefully sit in the sun there later this week. I know thats not why we are here though, and if there is more important work to do instead, I am ready for that more. So anyway, We returned from the beach around 9:30 and some people went right to bed. Other stayed up and hung around for a little while. The people that played in the ocean were hoping they could shower before bed, but the city has had the water turned off for most of the day, and it was still off by that time. So that didn't work out after all. I only stayed up for another hour or so after that and I went to bed. I was pretty tired from all this adjustment and excitement. I had to bring water up from the kitchen when I went so I could brush my teeth though. I wonder how long this water will be off... Good times! =)
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