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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Tuesday 14th 2006

Tuesday turned out to be another work day, but it was of lesser magnitude. It was good though because I know a lot of us wouldn't have been very effective if we had to do the same thing we did monday. So Tuesday started out again with breakfast at 7am then a quick breifing meeting. We then found out that our job for today was to take place on the california side of the border. So we piled in the vans and headed north. It was only about a 20 minute drive to the border, but we were waiting in the border patrol line for another 15-20. It was good that it was a tuesday morning though and not a weekend or that line could have taken a few hours Sara said. Everything went smoothly for us though and they let us pass without any problems. Our first destination was to a storage unit there and we were to get some clothes there that had been donated to the mission. There was one storage cube I worked in with about 8 others that had about 20 large boxes full of clothing donated from "Forever 21" We had to go through them all and take all the hangers off and remove any tape that was on them. we also filled 5 suitcases with some of the clothing to bring back with us. I think we were there for almost 3 hours doing this. Normally Sara and shawna are the only ones doing that and they said that all of us doing it for them saved a couple days worth of work for them. That was sure nice. Meanwhile, without me knowing about it Allie was chosen to go with Shawna along with three other girls back to the californa admin office. It was cool that Allie was chosen though because they were going to be doing a newletter and stapling and mailing stuff. That has been her job for the past three years. So God had her in the right place tuesday. I unfortunatly had no idea she had gone somewhere.. so after finishing up at the storage facility they took us to a small strip mall area in Californa. One of the guys from our team had lost his luggage on the drive across the border somewhere, so we had to buy him some new clothes. I just assumed the whole time that Allie had gone in the other van with the first group. After my van got to the mall I didn't really even try to look for Allie, I assumed we would just run into each other or someting, so I just hung out with another group wandering the shops. When it came time to meet back up so we could pile back in the vans Allie never showed up. Both vans were full and Ashley asked if anybody was missing before we left. I spoke up and told her I hadn't seen Allie since the storage unit. Ashley didn't even know where she was either and neither did anybody else. So there was a little bit of worry in the air. But Shawna from the other van spoke up and reminded sara that there were some people back at the office, so we just had to assume one of them was her. After swinging by there to gather up the girls at the office we found her. Allie and Jessica ended up staying back with Shawna though after the other two girls left to finish up the work. So our vans left back to MX and they stayed in CA. Later that day they ended up having to walk across the border to be picked up on the other side by sara. It was easier to do that then have Sara wait in the customs line to drive all the way across just to turn around and go back. So Allie was excited about being able to do that. You'll want to ask her all the details about that later probalby. So anyway, after I got back to the orphanage I went back up to my room and attempted to start my devotions. I ended up falling asleep though and I never woke up until dinner. I went up there at about 1:30 and dinner was at 6:00. So I slept for about 4 hours. It was sure good stuff. By the time I went down for dinner Allie was back and that made me happy so I could finally hear about all that went on for her. That was the first chance I had to talk to her since we crossed the border that morning, I only heard what she was up to indirectly from what others told me. After dinner we didn't really have a set schedule for anything. I waited around for a bit to see for sure what was going to happen later that night, but nobody really knew, I don't think we even had a plan. SO I just went up to my room again and finished my devotions since I didn't really do them the first attempt. My devotions were pretty good tuesay too. While I was up there one of the guys from the catholic group came up and saw me reading my bible. So he shared with me a verse he had read that morning. Isaiah 1:16-18 It talked about taking care of the orphans. I thought it was a good verse, and I also thought it was cool that it was one from the catholic that shared it with me. Anyway after my quiet time I headed back down to the main area and all we ended up doign the rest of the evening was play with the kids and make sure they were loved. It was a good time. After they all went to bed, we had our debreif meeting and shared some more things that we have learned on the trip. Once we broke up from the meeting I decided to just go back up to bed even with my nap I was still tired. So turned out to be a good day. Wednesday we go back to the place we worked monday for some more gueling work. Eager for the ministry and service, not eager for the sore muscles....
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