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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Wednesday 15th 2006
Wednesday was another day of good hard work. I wasn't too sure if I would be able to make it through considering the stiffness and soreness hanging around from Mondays work. But God truly enabled our bodies and gave us that extra energy we needed. It started out at 7am once again for breakfast. After breakfast we were about to have another meeting before going to work, but something came up and the meeting never happend. So We instead just piled straight in the vans and headed to the work site. Our mission for wednesday was to utilize the trenches we had dug on monday. Tuesday the workers had gone through and put rebar in all the holes and got them ready for the cement to be poured in. So Wednesday we had to mix cement, carry it across the site in wheel barrows and then get it dumped in the trenches while a team flattened it. We had three teams, one team did rocks, sand, water and concrete and poured it in the correct amounts into the cement mixer machine. (Allie did the rocks) Then A group of six worked three wheelbarrows one pushing and the other guiding each barrow. I was part of this group after lunch. The job I did for most of the morning before lunch was shoveling and flattening the concrete into the right amounts along the foundation-to-be. That was pretty fun. I had big wading boots on and was down in the trenches getting concrete poured all over the place. I had it in my hair and all over my face and hands. It was still a good time though. Allie did a great job shoveling those rocks too because that concrete just kept on coming. If I had to guess it took well over 100 wheelbarrow trips to get to where we did wednesday. We got about 85% done by the time we had to leave for the day. It was a very productive day though and we all felt like we accomplished a lot. The team is now ahead of schedule about 2weeks. After arriving back at the orphanage all the showers ended up getting taken. So I attempted to wait until they cleared up, by the time I was able to take one all the hot water was gone. I decided it wasn't worth it enough to be clean taking a cold shower, so I ended up just going to dinner with all the concrete still in my hair and on my face. I think dinner wednesday was the best dinner they've served us yet, we had tacos and guacamole and all the fixins. It was great! After dinner we then went out for dessert at a restarunt called Mariachis (not sure of the spelling). But we ate icecream and Allie had flan and they had the group sing mexican music to us while we were there. Allie got some of it on video to bring back with us. The dessert was really good and i think we all enjoyed ourselfs there. On the way back after leaving we stopped in to a grocery store to get a few needed items. Only 3 or 4 people went in and the rest stayed in the van and most fell asleep... that is until somone tried to get out and set the car alarm off (It sets itself when the doors lock). Well Ashley had the keys and she was inside the store still, We had no way to turn it off until she got back So the alarm was going off for about 5-10 minutes while we waited for her to come out. Everyone trying to sleep in the van at the time of course was not able to. It was a good laugh though and makes a good memory. I think the person parked sitting in his car nearby won't forget it either, he was laughing at us pretty good. Anyway after finally returning to the orphanage the water was hot once again so I was able to go get all the cement out of my hair. It was well worth waiting for the hot water though I'll say that for sure. It was nice to be clean again. After my shower I could finally get to bed.

One more thing I wanted to note before I close off is the fact that I realized how privledged I am to have great and Godly parents. Just seeing all these orphans that have no family or an abusive family really makes someone think. God has so blessed me with a family that loves me. I hope to never make the fact that my parents will be there for me if I need them insignificant. It is truly a great thing to have. Love you Mom and Dad!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 6:08 AM 

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