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Friday, April 07, 2006
Well, Allie and I have now been dating for a whole year!!! It is so great! Allie out did me today on the celebrating though. I painted the big rock for her to say "Happy 1 Year Allie Murray" So everybody was able to see that when they drove by, I also had some flowers and a stuffed animal for her. Allie however went all out today and was extremetly creative. First thing I saw was a big sign outside my dorm wishing me a happy aniversary on my way to class. Normally I would be able to walk to class with Allie, but she felt sick this morning so she skipped the first class. We ended up meeting up though for breakfast and having some good quality time. We exchanged gifts and everything there too. Allie made me a little model airplane and painted our names on it. That was really cool. She also got me a really funny card. I think one of my favorite things though was a little menu for her "Happy Belly" restarunt. In it was a list of things she could make and I could choose whatever I want and she would cook it for me some night. That will be exciting!!

After Breakfast Allie walked me up to the little chapel here on campus. I decided that I was going to spend the day having time with God. So I ended up being in the chapel for about six hours today. It didn't end up like I was hoping though, to me it just felt like really long devotions. I wasn't very connected much. I think part of the problem was that the pews in there are so uncomfortable. I tried sitting on the floor, kneeling, leaning different ways.. it was all to no avail. It was hard to cocentrate for six hours having to shift positions every 15 minutes or so. I was glad I did it though because that was the first time I have ever sat and prayed/read the bible for that lenght of time. I wish I could have gotten more out of it though, maybe what I did get from it was important enough to be the only things. Anyway, after I was done there, I then headed back to my room to drop off my bag and stuff. Then I met up with Allie again so we could spend the evening together. When I got to where she was I was awe struck by her beauty! She had changed her clothes from the morning and dressed up all nice for me. She had a beautiful skirt and a stylish blue/pink top. Man, that was great! Anyway, after catching my breath from seeing her we headed to my car to get some dinner. This was the greatest part of Allie's Operation for the day. Apparently she had left last night before going to bed and decorated my van. She taped all kinds of hearts everywhere inside and had balloons all over the place too. She then taped streamers from the ceiling and those were hanging all over the place. She also bought me some flip flops (she really likes guys in flip flops) and had those hanging from the rearview mirror. She then had letters cut out that said. "I Love You" and taped those across the windshield. It was an amazing sight! I wish I had had my camera. In order to drive to the restarunt we had to take some of the stuff down, that was sad. We had fun doing that together though. After making the window and mirror visibility sufficent we headed to Red Lobster for Dinner. It turned out to be a wonderful meal and we enjoyed the conversation. After dinner we took a stroll around the mall for awhile, she wanted me to walk around in my new flip flops for a while and try and get used to them, and make sure they fit and everything too. They ended up working fine.. I will just have to get used to them though. After the mall we headed over to one of my favorite coffee shops and sat there talking for about an hour. Time kind of flew by though and we had to hurry back so we could get prepared for hall meeting and stuff. TOday turned out to be a great day though and I had a really good time with my really great woman and my really awsome God. **SMILE**

Now I've been trying to deal with these crazy College for a weekenders and attempt to do homework.. It was hard to do both.. But I finally got done what I needed to. Night!
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