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Monday, May 29, 2006
Today was a nice relaxing sunday. I really started to miss Allie though because I was over at the D-bergs today just hanging out and I was sitting on the couch in my typical spot and Allie wasn't next to me like she normally is. It was quite sad.. but she is down doing more important things in equador. I hope all is well for her as I haven't heard a thing from them.

This afternoon we had turkey and watched two movies. One was called Core and it turned out to be a decent movie, then later we watched another called Wing Commander... which turned out to be just alright. This morning we had church and we were missing a lot of people because of memorial day weekend. The band didn't have a keyboard player so that threw a lot of the team off. It was kind of sad. But over all, the day was still good and I enjoyed myself. I am back at the Thompsons now and I just finished getting the dogs taken care of for the night. NOw I'm going to get myself ready for bed. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:01 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here