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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Today things started to pick up at work. Both of the other guys decided they could go on a service call today since we've been so slow. So that left me in the shop by myself for a lot of the day. Well turns out that today happend to be the day when we get busy again. It got pretty crazy at a few points. Things just happend to calm down again once Jason got back from his service call. I hate it when that happends. Anyway.... after work I went over to a couple's house from church for dinner tonight. I ended up being there until around 10:30 tonight. It was pretty good conversation just talking to them about all kinds of stuff. Turns out I had gone on a missions trip to brazil with thier grandson last year. So we talked about him some and his future plans as a missionary/church planter. That lead to conversation about my and my mission plans. It was all pretty cool.

After leaving thier house I stopped by the D-bergs so I could get some packages that were dropped off there for me today. I ended up getting one from my parents and also my laptop I got off of ebay came in today too. My Dad sent me soom tools and screws and such and I really liked a bit set that he sent me. My mom also threw in some kitchen stuff along with it as well. Its always nice getting packages. Thanks guys, love you! Tonight I swapped parts from my broken laptop with the laptop I got off of ebay to make it so it had everythign working. Then I had to play with it some of course. I ended up staying up longer then I wanted to though, so naughty me... Anyway I really should get to bed now. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:25 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here