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Friday, June 23, 2006
Today was a pretty busy day. Started out at 7:00 this morning with my dentist appointment. The appointment went pretty well actually. Ended up not being too bad. All he had to do was redrill and refill from a filling that fell out. The office there is pretty cool. He has little glasses and headphones he puts on the patients before he starts work and there are little tv screens in the glasses. So you can watch tv while he works on you. That was kinda cool.

After he finished up I stopped in at work to gather some stuff up for a service call that I had to do at 9:30 this morning. On the way to the call I stopped in at the Airport to see what Allie was up to. She was in her little golf cart doing something on the other side of the field. But I waited for a few minutes and she was back in time to say hi. That was good to see her.

My service call today was at the movie theater. I had to go through and clean all of thier projectors and computer equipment. It was a pretty interesting thing to do. I was able to see how it all works up there. The rolls of movie film on some were up to about 3 feet in diamater. The spindles themselvs were about 5 feet in diamater, so I wonder if some movies really get that long. Anyway, the whole process ended up going pretty smoothly. It was a pretty cool experience to be able to do that.

I then headed back to work for the rest of the day once I finished up at the theater. My head has been aching a little from the dentist this morning but I hope a good nights sleep will fix it. I ended up taking a three hour nap after I got home from work today though and that helped a little bit. Anyway.. I'm going to try to head to bed again now. I hope I am able to sleep after that nap. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:40 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here