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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Today was a pretty hectic day. I ended up dropping my car off this morning at the mechanic shop before work so I had to have Jason come pick me up from there and bring me to work. I had a lot of things on the list to do for my car today. I needed new tires, and realigned front axle, needed the back door fixed and my oil changed, and also had some more issues with the radiator. While that was all getting looked at turns out there was a service call that I was able to do today. I didn't have a car to go do it in though so Andy had to take me and drop me off there while he went out to do bank deposit and stuff. I then had to have one of the guys pick me up afterwards as well. I ended up calling to see how my van was doing at the time also and turns out they were still working on it so I wasn't able to go get it on the way back to the shop. It ended up getting done around 4:30 this evening. The bill came to just over $400 worth of stuff. It was kind of sad because I'm still trying to get all kinds of stuff paid off but not having much luck with all this other stuff now. I still need to have brakes done and a raidiator replaced within the next few months as well. After getting back home this evening though I checked my mail and found a letter from my grandma in there. Turns out that she sent me a late graduation present just in time to help with my car expenses. It was perfect timing and God is good in how he provides. Thanks Grandma!!

After getting home I ended up having dinner with my neighbor tonight. He was out cooking on his BBQ so I ended up getting some chicken and cooking it out there with him. We ended up eating together and had some pretty decent conversation. I was able to witness to him some more and just talk about life and how God works in it. It was really cool. Then the rest of the evening I just sat and read some books and did some responding to e-mails and such. Turned out to be a really good day. God is Good!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:32 AM 

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