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Sunday, July 23, 2006
This weekend turned out to be a great weekend! Allie and I ended up going to NC to visit with her dad. On friday I left work a little bit early because Allie showed up there and we left right from my work. On the way down we stopped at Subway for dinner and we ended up getting to thier house about 7:30. Once we got there we mostly just hung out and talked for awhile then watched a little tv. Saturday was a lot of fun though. I was able to sleep in until 11:00, so first of all that was really great. After waking up and showering and having quiet time I then ate some breakfast and ended up playing some video games with Dan. I think he had fun playing with me for a little while. while we were still playing we were asked if we wanted to go swimming. I havent gone swimming all summer so far, and I was excited for a chance to finally go. So we got dress for the pool and Allie and Dan and I headed for the pool. (we were the only ones that wanted to go). Allie doesn't really even like to swim that much either but I think she went just for me. And that made me happy **GRIN** =o). I had a great time even though we weren't able to be there for very long. Right after swimming we hurried back to change because we were all going to go see a movie. Sam, Allie and I went to see Pirates 2 while Dan and his dad went to go see a cartoony movie of some sort. The movie was kinda weird and seemed to drag on for awhile but I guess they just had to get the story in to make it work when Pirates 3 comes out. Anyway it was still cool and I had fun with Allie and Sam doing that. After the movie we came back home for a great meal and just relaxed the rest of the night watching "The Village". It was pretty nice. We didn't stay up too late Saturday night though because we had to wake up for church in the morning.

Sunday was the day Allie and I had to come back home. But first we went to Her Dad's church. It is an Episcopal Church and all I can really say about that here, is that it was an experience....yeah... experience...thats it. Oh, and by the way - I tasted some wine for the first time in my life there as they used the real stuff for communion. (Allie says it was horrible cheap wine though). Either way, I'm not interested in that stuff.. it smelled bad and tasted pretty sick. After the service was over they had a church wide banquet type thing. The main pastor type guy was going to be leaving and this was his last sunday. So they did a big thing for him. That turned out to be pretty good though.

After we got back home after church We ended up loading the Futon into my van. I ended up backing into the yard to make it easier but we found out afterwards that it rained a lot harder then we had though the night before. So My van ended up being stuck in the Mud and we couldn't get it out on our own. So we had to call AAA and have a tow truck come and pull me out. Good thing they had that AAA thing. Allen said that they pay for it, so they might as well use it. Anyway, I though that was a fun thing to watch. The rest of the afternoon was just a time to relax for a little bit before Allie and I left to come back home. I ended up Falling asleep watching Tom and Jerry. I wasn't able to find out if he caught the mouse or not... Anyway we ended up leaving shortly after that. The trip home seemed quite a bit faster then the trip there for some reason but it went smoothly and without problem. After getting back into Lynchburg we stopped in at Sheetz for some food and gas, then headed over to my apartment to drop off the Futon and stuff. After that we headed back to Allie's house. The Donnebergs were going to let me use a wardrobe that they had in the basement to help me organize some of my stuff here at the apartment. So we got that loaded up in my van while the seats were out and dropped that off here. Allie and Jo hung out for a little bit and helped me put the seats back in my van and arrange some stuff best we could for now. Allie also cleaned out some stuff in my van too. After all that they headed back home and left me here to get some sleep. I might be able to do that.. we'll see.
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