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Sunday, July 09, 2006
This weekend was an amazingly fun time. Directly after work on friday Allie, and Bekah and I headed down to Williamsburg VA for the weekend. We had plans to go to Busch Gardens. For the first night the girls were going to get a hotel room, and I was going to sleep in the parking lot in my van. We had gotten a discount through RJ who works at those hotels, but when we got there the discount paper was giving us some issues and it was going to cost more. The receptionist lady ended up letting it work for us though and they were able to get a room for $50. I helped them carry all the stuff up to the room and we hung out for a short time. But then I brushed my teeth up there and headed down to my van for the night. That ended up working out pretty well and we all slept very well. I ended up going back up to thier room to shower in the morning and then we checked out and headed to Busch Gardens.

The day at the park went extremely well for us. There weren't very many people like normal (Probably because everybody did thier holiday for the 4th) but for the first 4 hours we were there we basicly were able to walk onto any ride we wanted to without having to stand in line We rode three of the roller coasters right away and one we did twice. It was great, normally each ride is about an hour 1/2 wait. We also went to see some of the shows they had around. We went to see one that was an Irish dancing show, and also an animal show thing that was really cute. We also went to see three different attractions where you wear 3D glasses and you are a part of a story. I think those were my favorite things. I think one of my favorite parts was when there was a swarm of bees and it looked like they really came out of the screen at us, the chairs vibrated a little and there was little wind spirts that came out the top of our chairs so it really felt like the bees were there. Allie really got freaked out and squezzed my arm soo hard and buried her head in my shoulder. But it was funny to see her react to that. I liked it! I think we ended up being able to do everything we wanted to except for one thing which was the boat ride. But we really did have a great time. There was a bridge we crossed walking around the park where they had turtles in the water below. We stood there and fed the turtles for awhile and had fun making them fight over food. We also ended up eating lunch there in the park. Over all the food there was pretty expensive of course, but we found a great deal at one of the italian places and we all shared a large combo meal type thing. There were so many great things there we had such a blast. I was really glad we decided to do that. We ended up being there for about 13 hours or so. We got there in the morning at 9:00 and left that night at 10:00. We still had another three hour drive back that night though se we didn't end up getting back in Lycnbhurg until just before 2am It turned out to be a really long day but well worth it! Good time!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:54 PM 

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