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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Today was like the coolest day! It started out kind of slow as I had to go to work from 10-3. During that time we only had three people come in and made one sale. It felt like a wasted day to go to work. Anyway as soon as it hit 3:00 we were ready to leave. So I shot out the door because the rest of the day was going to be really cool. I was planning to take Allie up flying today. So we both were excited about that. I swung by and picked her up and we headed to the airport. Things were kind of a rough start today. The first plane we tried sounded really rough to me and I tried to taxi with it to see how it felt. I ended up not wanting to take that plane because of how it sounded and the way the engine was running. So I taxied back and parked it. We ended up changing to a different plane. Once we got in that plane I found out it needed fuel so I had to go back again and let the guy know about that. Once he fueled up we got in and settled and we tested the radio and the headsets so Allie and I could talk back and forth. Turned out that my headset was having issues so I had to go in one more time and borrow one. After all of that it ended up being about an hour delay. It was really annoying. But finally everything was set and we were ready for take off. I ended up flying her over Andy's house to see that, then we went to fly over the D-day memorial. Then we flew around over Smith Mountain Lake and saw all the boats and things out there today. That was fun to see. We ended up spotting a boat pulling someone that was innertubing I wanted to see him fall off but he never did. Anyway after that we headed back to the lynchburg area and we landed at lynchburg airport and I taxied by where Allie worked. Then on the final strech back to home base after take off from Lynchburg we flew right over liberty so Allie could take a look at all that. She loved the trip!

Once we landed we headed back to her house as she was going to prepare an amazing dinner for me. She made me a steak dinner with broccoli and cheese. Corn on the Cob. Pineapple/Passion Fruit Juice, and garlic bread. It was one of the best meals I've had in a long time! Afterwards she also made peanut butter cookies and coffee and we enjoyed watching a movie together. It was such a great day! I loved it! TOmorrow is chuch though so I really should get to bed so I can be awake for the service. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:46 AM 

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