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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Hey everybody! Thought I should write a quick note since I"ve missed the last few days. -- Sunday was a really good day. The message at church was very good and the worship was great as well. After church Allie and I went out for mexican with a good sized group from our church, then we headed back to her house to spend the rest of the afternoon. It was a good day chilling with the family. We all just hung out in the living room for a good while. Then later in the evening we all watched "Shaggy Dog" together. I though it was a really good movie.

Monday was pretty decent once work was over. Allie and I met up after work and we went out for dinner at sheetz and then went downtown to walk along the river and talk. She also brought a long some of the poetry she wrote awhile ago that I hadn't read before. She is really gifted in writing poetry. It was all really good stuff. We had a great time just talking and hanging out too. Anyway.. I'm going to go ahead and head off to work now, so I gotta go. TTYL
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 9:35 AM 

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