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Friday, September 22, 2006
Today was my last day at work with Andy there. I ended up buying the guys lunch and cookies and gave Andy a Thankyou card for letting me work there for the past four years. Turns out it was Jason's birthday yesterday too so the cookies worked out well for a bday dessert. I also turned in my work key yesterday when Andy left. I hope Jason will be on time the next two days because he is the only one that can open up now.

After work I headed home and spend a few hours with my neighbor. I tried to encourage him to try again keeping alchohol free. Wednesday he ended up having a drink again so he has to start all over. We had a pretty good dissussion I think though and I hope God spoke to him through me in some way. After spending some time with him Allie and I went out to the Sunday Grill and had cheese fries and icecream. We then went over the book we are reading together and spent some time in prayer, and just talking with each other. It was pretty good. That will be the last time I see her until Sunday evening though because she is going to her dads this weekend. That is sad for me. What will I do without her? Ok I'm off to bed. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:17 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here