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Friday, December 08, 2006
I was too tired last night to stay up and write a blog, but I had to come back this morning and write one because there was a lot of good stuff that happend yesterday and the day before.

On Wednesday it was Allie and my 20th Month Anniversary it was really cool. I ended up meeting up with her for lunch and we went to Chik-fil-A. Unfortuantly I wasn't able to see her the rest of the day after that though because I went to someone's house for dinner that night and ended up staying really late. I did have fun at thier house though. They have a really cute dog named Elmo and I played with him a lot. It was fun.

Yesterday was another good day - I didn't have class like normal so I was able to just go to work at 8 like normal. But since I was able to go early I was able to get stuff done in time to meet Chuck for lunch. We went to Famous Anthonys and had a really good time just talking. I enjoyed my time with him. After work Allie and I went to an Equador party. It was so she could meet up with all her friends from the trip she took to Equador. I never went but they let me go anyway. It was still fun. Then after that I went and hung out at Allie's Dorm because Liberty was having open dorm night. So I sat in her room for like an hour with Sam and Erin and Allie's Mom and we just hung out and drank coffee and stuff. One thing that is really sad is Allie's Mom's Car. Apparently her power locks broke last night and she had to crawl out the back seat. Her car just keeps having intermitent problems and its just wrong. God cares about the little things so I think you guys should help pray that her car will stay working or that they will be able to sell it for a better one. Anyway it would be nice if their car would just work. I tried to help her with it after we left Allie's Dorm but I didn't have any luck. After Jo left, Allie and I went to the computer lab and I helped her study for her Biology exam that was today. It was nice to spend some time together. I didn't end up getting back home until about midnight so I was really tired. But it was a really nice day over all.
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