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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Its been another long break in between blogs and I kind of lost a day somewhere in the back of my memory. I really am not sure what I did on Friday except I remember my Grandma and my aunt and uncle coming over for dinner. That was nice to have them around. Really though.. blanked out from the rest of the day -- not sure what I did.

Saturday ended up being a pretty relaxing day. Becca wanted to go to frys so we swung by and picked up Danny and we made another adventure over to that side of town. We picked up some fun toys and I ended up fixing everybodys computer that day. We got some parts for Katie's computer and I got hers setup and fixed first. Next I worked on Becca's and upgraded her hard drive and cleaned it up a little. Then finally, the big project was my parents computer. I got them some more Ram a DVD Burner and another hard drive and got them setup with Windows XP. It is kind of hard to work with computers and things when your stuck with Dial-up internet service though. But I got it all figured out and by the end of the day everything was up and running very smoothly. I had to stay on the internet all night though so I could get some stuff downloaded for the final touches of the computers.

Sunday turned out to be a really nice Christmas Eve. We woke up and went to church. Danny and Andy joined us there. The christmas Service was kind of fun. They had a little christmas program thing. It was kind of sad though because I think everyone on the cast forgot thier line at least once. They really did need more practice in that area. But it was still fun to watch and they got the point across very well. My parents also sang some special music in multiple parts throughout the play. I had a good time seeing all the old friends from my church. It was expecially nice to see my old pastor again. He is retiring in May though so that is probably the last time I'll see him preaching at our church. That is kind of sad, but I am happy for him, He has done great service. My Grandma ended up coming to our church that morning also so I spent some time with her a little after church and went home and sat with her for lunch. But Becca, Katie, Danny and Andy were all going to watch a Seahawks Game so I hurried over to join them after I had lunch with Grandma. We Lost in the last minute of game play and it ended up being a waste of three hours seemingly for a devestating loss that it was. I had fun at least hanging out with the Gang some. After returning home from the game Becca and I decided we wanted to go to Grandmas for the night and stay there for christmas morning. So we packed ourselfs a night bag and headed back to Grandma's house. My parents were going to join us early the next morning. On the way back to her house we stopped in at my Uncle's house and stayed and chatted with them for awhile. It was nice to see thier place again as it's been a really long time since I've been there. The little small trees they had in their back yard last time I was there aren't so little and small anymore. It was kind of weird. Anyway, once we got back to Grandma's we stayed up for awhile talking and hanging out until I fell asleep. Then we all decided to just head to bed.

Christmas day ended up being a little different then normal. We had to wait until the whole family arrived before we could open gifts and things and that never happened until around 3:00 in the afternoon. I spent most of the morning watching cartoons though. That was great cause I haven't done that in a really long time. Once my parents arrived we were able to at least open our stockings and stuff and that was fun as usual. But we just had to sit around for a really long time waiting for everybody else to arrive. Dinner was being prepared in the meantime and I used that time to Call Allie and the Family back in in VA. They all seem to be doing well. Finally when the family got back we were all starving and ready to eat, so we gathered around the table and had the turkey and fixins. It was sure good stuff. After Dinner we went around with the Gift exchange and had a great time doing that. I got some of that on video. Just in case Allie reads this I thought I would throw in the fact that my mom Loved the gift she made for her. It was a little photo album of Allie and My travels around the VA area since I've been there. After gifts we just hung around with the family for awhile. I ended up taking a nap falling asleep in the chair and woke up a little over an hour later. It was a really good day though and I know we all enjoyed ourselfs. I just loved being around all my family again it was really nice. After we got home tonight Becca and I hooked up my parents new LCD screen we got them for Christmas and ended up attempting to teach my mom some things with the computer. Not sure how successful we were but we'll have to try again tomorrow and see if it stuck. I have a feeling we'll be starting from the begining again. We'll see what happens. Anyway I should get to bed. I'm growing tired again even after my nap today. I'm excited though because I'm going to the Musem of Flight tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun. Night!

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