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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Ok, I have a lot to catch up on with this thing. I also forgot to write about what I did last friday in my previous post. It really is worth going back to talk about, so I think I'm going to start with that.

It started out as a pretty typical friday. I was working on getting two weeks ahead at work and helping out a few other people with thier jobs as usual. But anyway once I got off work, Allie and I went out to dinner to a nice steak restauraunt. I don't even remember what it was called but it was a fun place to go, and the food was great. After dinner Allie decided to go back to her dorm for a few hours and take a nap because we had plans to go to Coffee house that night and that goes until about 2am. I ended up going back home and taking a nap as well. Coffee house opens the doors at about 11:00 so we decided we were going to try to get in line at about 10:00 so we could get some good seats. On the way there we stopped to get coffee from Sheetz and ran into Erin and Sam getting coffee as well. For some reason Sheetz was packed at that time. I had never seen so many people there at the same time. But we finally got our coffee (Allie didn't get what she wanted though because they ran out, so she just settled for something else). With Coffee in hand we were ready to go stand in line in the bitter cold for about an hour. Sam ended up having some freinds near the front of the line already though so we ended up getting some good seats anyway. Unfortuantly our good seats didn't really do much for the show because it was pretty bad this year. It was still entertaining, but nothing to write home about (to blog about though apparently) - After the show we still had some energy left from our coffee and our naps, so the four of us went over to Sam's house and watched a movie. I didn't end up getting back home until 4:00 or so but it was a fun day to hang out with my girl.
----Fast Foward to this week------>>>
Monday was pretty normal - after work I went to the church to work on a project for my pastor. Think I have that all figured out now, I might meet with him tonight to test it out.
Tuesday I stayed after at work for awhile to try to get a new project that was assigned to me completed. He authorized me as much overtime as I need to get it done. I ended up staying until 8:00 and I put a pretty big dent in it. I should be able to have it completed by the end of the week now.
Wednesday (Yesterday) I just continued working on that new project I was assigned. So far everything is going well - I ran out of laptops though and I need four more to get it completed. They are supposed to be here Friday morning so If that is true it will still work out. After work I picked up Allie and we went out for some fast food and then went to a coffee shop. At the coffee shop we sat and went through a book we are reading together, and then talked for awhile after that. We had some nice coversation. We were kind of planning on going to a movie after that, but we ended up talking to long and would have had to rush it to make the movie. So we decided to just do that later. It ended up being a good thing though probably because I needed to do some more studying for my Instrument Pilot Exam I had today. I stayed up until about 12:30 going over study questions. I'm glad I did too because today I took the exam and I got a 95% on it. That was pretty exciting, I'm glad that, that part is over with. Now I just have a lot more more flying lessons to do. So anyway, I think that sums up and brings me up to speed. Hope you all enjoyed it!
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