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Monday, December 18, 2006
This weekend was pretty cool. Saturday morning I woke up and went flying. It ended up being a really good lesson I think too. We did a bunch of new stuff and I also was able to do everything really well. So that was pretty good. After my flying lesson I ended up going over to the church to setup some final stuff for the project I've been doing for my pastor. It ended up taking a little longer then expected but I did get it all done so that was good. After that I went and spent some time with Allie. We ended up going to see the Nativity Story. It was done really well and it was just a cool visual picture from the story we've been reading all these years. The wisemen were the ones that provided some of the comic releif and that was kind of funny. Over all I really liked it. The rest of the evening We just sat around outside around a fire and drank some hot chocolate with her parents. It was a nice evening.

On Sunday we had a pretty good church service. I was training another new person on using the computer for powerpoint and things, he actually did really well. After church I ended up having a meeting with Pastor John and his administrative assistant. I needed to show them how the new calendar system project I've been working on was going to work and what they each need to do. It was a little longer meeting then I expected but We got it figured out. I then went over to the Donnebergs for a light lunch and Allie and I went out and did some shopping after that. We were going to have a christmas dinner at the church at 5:30 that evening so we didn't really do too much. At the dinner there was a ton of food as always with our church. It was all really good stuff though. We then played a few games after that and those unfortuantly weren't that great. We ended up leaving kind of early. After the dinner Allie and I swung by my house to pickup a movie and watch back at her house. We ended up watching a movie called Serendipity. I thought it was a pretty fun movie. I ended up leaving after that to go home and get some sleep for work the next day.
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       Read my archived posts! Click Here