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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Well, I made it to Seattle. All is well at home. Tuesday morning I went out for breakfast with my pastor It was really good, we spent about two hours together just talking and hanging out. After breakfast I stopped by the Donnebergs to hang out with Chuck for a little bit before I headed out to come home. At around 11:30 Allie and Jo drove me up to Richmond where my plane was departing from. It was a pretty cool little airport too. They had the Virginia National Guard there and there were two fighter jets swarming around doing practice manuvers and things. It was pretty cool to watch. By the time I remembered I had my video camera they were already landed. So I was only able to video tape them taxing back to port. I had fun watching them though. The flight was pretty straight forward and there wasn't much to report on about that. My layover was in Detroit for about an hour and then picked up the next one and carried on. I got back to Seattle around 10:00 local time and on my time scale it felt like 1:00. So I was pretty tired. I didn't end up getting to sleep until about midnight local so it was like 3:00 to me. I was really tired. But it was sure good to be home.

On Wednesday I slept in for awhile. I woke up to an empty house though my dad had to work that day and my mom need to baby sit. I was able to have a nice slow morning and get my devotions done and things and check some e-mail it was nice. My mom ended up bringing the babies home with her though so I spend a lot of the afternoon playing with some five month olds. They are twins, but they don't look the same. They were actually able to see and understand what was going on around them though so they were fun to play with. I got them to laugh and stuff so that was fun. Once they got hungry they could sure cry though. I ended up feeding one a bottle and he fell asleep in my arms. After he went to sleep I started cleaning out my closet from all my old computer stuff and other random things from my room. I got rid of about 80% of all the stuff. In the middle of cleaning it all Danny ended up coming up and we all hung out for pretty much the rest of the night until midnight. Andy also came over after dinner and them Melissa and Sean came over about 10:30. We were all in my room piled on my bed reminissing about all our childhood memories. It was pretty fun. I was really tired by the time everybody left though, But I still had a great time with them all over here again.

Today I spent all day with just my parents. We went to downtown Seattle and just walked around to all the shops along the side of the road around 6 or so city blocks. We found some good extra little christmas presents for some people. At around 3:00 we headed to the Seattle Science Center and we went through the Dead Sea Scrool Exhibit that they have here until Jan 7th. They brought some of the real dead sea scrools here and we were able to look at the real original bible writings. Some of the exibits were of Genesis 1 Psalm 119 and A few parts of Isaiah and Ezekial. Plus there were quite a few other scrolls for things that aren't biblical but from the same era. The whole setup was about some of the culture of the people that made these scrolls and thier lifestyle and stuff. It ended up taking about two and a half hours to get through the whole setup. It wasn't quite what I had expected, but it was still cool. Over all I had a good time wandering Seattle but my legs got really tired. I am ready to just relax. So we are going to sit at home the rest of the night and watch movies and stuff. Sounds good to me! I'll write more later...
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