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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Today was a great day. To start off with though I had to be at work by 9am this morning to do a service call at a restaraunt. Everything ended up going pretty smoothly for that though. Then, once I finished with work, I went to have my stage check flight over at the airport. That ended up going extremetly well. He said there were a few things I did that were better then some of the commercial pilots he's tested. So that was cool to hear. Over all I did well and he let me pass through. He did give me a few things to refine a little better with maybe one more practice with my instructor then I'll be ready for the check ride. Keep praying, its working! I think the biggest obsticle now is being able to pay for all these flights I've been doing close together. Its going to be kinda rough with that and an apartment now. After leaving the airport I came back and picked up Allie and we went to dinner. Then we went to hang out for awhile at a small festival thing they are doing here at liberty. That was fun and we played some of the games and got some free stuff. After doing that we ended up spending the rest of the evening watching american Idol. It was over all a really good day. I am really tired now though from waking up earlier then normal for a saturday, then also flying after work that always drains me. It was nice to hang out with Allie tonight, but I don't think she thought I was that much fun because I wasn't energetic. I'm going to go to sleep now though so I can try to be tomorrow. Night!
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Friday, April 28, 2006
Today was an extremly long day for me. I had class as usual early this morning. I had to leave class about 15 minutes early though so I could get to the airport for my flight this morning though. Normally Allie and I have breakfast together after class, but we didn't get to do that today. My time at the airport was pretty productive. I ended up being there from 9am till about 1:30pm. We went over all kinds of stuff. I am going to do what they call a stage check on saturday and that will be the final call to see if I'm ready for the check ride flight. After leaving the airport I then headed over to meet someone to look at a house they were renting out. I ended up having to wait for about 40 minutes though because they were running late from our regular appointment at 2:00. After meeting with him I ended up driving around to look at some other places. I have some options now, I just have to wait for openings for some and timing with another. But over all I'm still not sure where God will want me at. After doing some house hunting, I ended up getting back to my room around 4:30 to try and get some homework stuff done. I was able to start on some stuff before going to dinner with Allie. We then went and did some shopping together after dinner. When we got back to campus I went back to my room and tried to finish up my homework thing. Around 8:45 I picked up my prayer group and we all headed out to do a pre hall meeting prayer group tonight. Its a good thing we did too because our hall meeting tonight ended up going until 11:45. It was a fun one tonight though. We did Dorm awards kind of like the emmy awards or something. they had us all dress up in formal wear and go to a room with a stage. We then presented thigns like, man of the year award, best performance, best hair, best dressed, worst jokes, nicest legs etc. I had to present the winner for the most annoying shower singer. It ended up going ok. I was glad to come back though because I was pretty tired. I just had to finish up a few things after getting back and now I'm ready for bed I think. So good night!
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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Hey everybody! I was finally able to finish getting all my new pictures up. You can look at them by going to www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty I hope you all enjoy them. There are a ton of them. New ones are indicated with an asterik (*). Other then that, the rest of the day was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting persay. Had fun tonight hanging with Allie for awhile after church. We had to head back for prayer leader meeting stuff though. Anyway, I'm off to bed now. I am going to fly tomorrow so I don't want to be tired. Night!
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Today was a pretty nice, but long day. Allie and I went to breakfast over at the North Campus Cafe and had a good time talking while eating. After breakfast I got back to my room and worked on some homework for awhile. I then spent about an hour or so talking to one of the guys on my hall. That was cool and I think I was able to encourage him some. After that I headed to the airport for some more work with my instructor. I was first just planning on doing some ground work with studying some stuff together with him. Turns out though that a plane was available for us so we ended up doing some flying too. He feels I am doing much better now. I only need one-two more flights and I'll be ready. After I finished up at the airport I headed to the funeral home for a viewing of a lady from my church. She had just died on sunday and most of the church was there tonight to support the family. After the viewing I returned to the church and spend a few hours with my pastor tonight talking about some things. I ended up talking with him tonight until around 11pm. It was good and I was glad we were able to do that. Once I got back to my room I had to do something for Allie really quick then I could finally sit and finish some of the hw stuff I had started earlier that day. I didn't get much of that done like I wanted to, but I still was pretty productive today. Anyway, I am going to head to bed now. Night!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Today was a pretty normal day. Went to work then to class until 7:30. During class I got a call that the house I wanted for after I graduate won't work out. That was kind of frustrating because I've been praying for it every day since I found it. I don't really have any idea what I'm doing now. Not sure the plans God has for me with that. Keep that in prayer. I've been kind of anxious about that all evening.. I know I shouldn't be, but I still am. I met up with Allie for a late night meal, then to a prayer leader meeting. Afterwards I came back to my room and attempted to get some pictures up online. I managed to get a few up if you want to check, but I still have to do the mexico trip and the JR/SR from this weekend. I might be able to get those up tomorrow. I wasn't able to caption anything this time though, just way to many pictures to do it. Anyway, I'm going to be done for the night now. Catch ya'll later.
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Monday, April 24, 2006
I ended up sleeping a lot today to make up for the late night yesterday. I made it through church ok and I even was able to go flying for a bit this afternoon. Other then that I basicly just napped all day. It was good. OK though, now I have to get to sleep. Night!
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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Hey People, just got back in for the day. Today was great! The JR/SR Banquet with Allie tonight was so much fun. I'm really tired now so I can't really explain it. I'll get to that tomorrow perhaps. For now.. I'm of to bed.
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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Today was a pretty good day. Work was pretty normal and not too busy. After work I ended up coming back to my room for a short time to check e-mail and stuff. I ended up getting an e-mail from my proffessor telling me my score on the final test I was working on last night. Turns out I got an 84% on that so that was really cool. But even better then that he said, "Congratulations on finishing Liberty's toughest course." So now I know why the class gave me so much trouble. I'm glad that thing is over now. Anyway, after hanging out in my room for a bit I ended up going to meet up with Allie, Erin, and Sam so we could all go see a play tonight called, "Catacombs" it was a really well done play. I'm glad we watched it. It was about persecuted Christians and living by faith. It had a great underlying message. After the play we all went out for some ice cream and just hung out to talk for awhile. It was a lot of fun. Today was the first day I really met Sam (Erin's boyfriend) He seems like a fun guy. We got a long pretty well. Anyway it turned out to be a fun evening. TOmorrow Allie and I have the JR/SR banquet. IT is formal wear so we get to dress up and stuff. It should be a lot of fun! Ok, I need to get to bed so I'll be awake to enjoy it all tomorrow. Night!
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Friday, April 21, 2006
Today a bunch of stuff happend, but I don't really have time to give details. For a quick rundown though, Allie did really good on a presentation she did this morning in the class I have with her. Then I did a presentation on the website I was working on. Everybody loved that. Then I went flying today and I think that went really well. Then I came back and got ready for my prayer groups tonight. I think the guys liked my lesson so that was cool. Hall meeting was short for once. Then I finished my last thing for my Corp Finance class. I'm pretty sure that is over now. That is a releif too. Anyway, I really should get to bed now though. Night!
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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Today was a pretty typical day. I did have to wake up earlier then normal though so I could go to my meeting this mornign for prayer leader stuff. Allie came along with me to that too. After that I had a quick breakfast then convo. The rest of the day I was at work doign my regular daying thing. It was cool though near the end though because Allie came by and hung out for about 30 minutes as we were starting to close the day. After that I headed to chuch. Once church was over I came back to my roo and did a little work until my RHLM meeting for prayer leaders. After that I ended up hanging out with Han Tan for about an hour or so and we just drove around and talked. It was cool to be able to do that again. I hardly ever see him anymore. Anyway after that I came back to my roomm so I could finish a paer thing that I had due tomorrow. Now its time for me to head to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Today has felt like a pretty long day. Started out with my missions class. I turned in my last paper for that class today, so that is a cool thing. After that class Allie and I had breakfast together. I then returned to my room until my next class. At my next class we had class presentations. We had to present our webpage we have made for the class so far. There wasn't enough time for everybody to go though, so I will have to go on thursday. After that class I had to hurry to the airport so I could meet my instructor to fly some today. We did a lot of work today and I think I got a lot more pinned down in my mind. But it was windy today and after being up there for so long doing spins and turns I got air sick again and threw up. I thought I was over that, I guess its still around though. Because of that I had low energy and didn't feel too well for awhile after that. I came back and went to dinner with Allie, but then I went back to my room. I wasn't feeling all that well still so I decided to take a nap at around 6:00. Well, I ended up not waking up until 9:30. I still had a lot of things I needed to do too. I was able to get two main things done tonight though. I took Part 1 of my Corporate Fiancace Final. I ended up getting a 75% on it. Not as good as I hoped, but with that class, I'll take what I can get. I still have Part 2 to take sometime this week. The other thing I had to do was finish up my webpage for my presentation on Thursday. I think I've fully completed it now. If you want to check it out again you can at php.jerdill.com. Anyway, I'm going to have to be done for the night now. Its pretty late and I have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow for a meeting. Night!
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Today was a pretty good day for me. Church this morning was really good. The pastor did a message on the resurection. What he really was talking about was not the event of the resurrection, but of Christ who is "The Resurrection". It was just a good message. If you want to download his message you can at TLC Sermons. The rest of the day I spent at the Donnebergs house. We just relaxed and had an overall good time. Allie and I watched some of the American Idol shows I had too. On the trip back home this evening something funny happend. I was following Allie in my car, but she had called me on her cell phone really quick to tell me something. Just as she was about to hang up I hear a, "eww yuck.....," then "*scream*". Turns out there was a oppossum in the road. At first she thought it was already dead so the, "ew yuck" but then as she got closer she realized it was still alive so the "Scream". I thought it was pretty funny to hear all this on the phone as I watch it happen about 30 yards behind her. It was good fun. After getting back to campus allie told me about the oppossums expression and why it scared her so much. I think the impression she does of "oppossum about to be hit by car" is really good. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy for it. Ok well anyway, that is my day.. Time for bed! NIght!
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Sunday, April 16, 2006
I had to go to work today. It was really really slow today too. We only had two customers the whole day. It was really sad. We had to scrounge around and try to find things to do. Once work got over I went and helped someone from my church for about 40 minutes with thier computer, then I came back to my room for the rest of the day to work on homework stuff. Allie came home around 9:00 or so and that was some excitement for my over all bland day. It was nice to see her for a little bit. WE only met for about 10 minutes though because she was tired and really wanted to sleep. So I just came back to my room and tried to finish my project. I also worked a little with the pictures I'll be putting up soon, that is just moving really slow. There are so many I have to setup this time. Hopefully it won't be too far down the road before I get those up. Anyway, I'm going to head to bed now. Night!
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Friday, April 14, 2006
Today turned out to be a pretty good day. Went to my missions class this morning and that turned out to be pretty good. Then Allie and I went to breakfast together and had some really good converstion. Afterwards I returned to my room for awhile and got some homework stuff done. I then had to break for a bit and go to another class. But after class I returned to my room to finish my homework. I officially finished my last assigned Corporate Finance homework problem today. I will still have some practice stuff to do once the final comes around.. but for now, I'm done. That feels pretty good. After doing that I started to get ready for the spring open dorms. I was getting excited because I was going to be able to go hang out in Allie's dorm for about an hour later this evening. It then came time for dinner, as we were just about to leave dinner we got a call reminding us we had a play we had tickets for that we had to go to. That was sad, because I had my hopes us to be there for open dorms. But there were some girls from our church counting on having us there.. so I had to give it up and go to the play. The play was pretty good considering what it was (8-17yr olds), it was just sad it had to be on that night... Oh well, I think I'm over it now. We did get back in time for Allie to come to my dorm though, although thats not that exciting because she can just stand at my window anytime she wants. I can't do that at her room. Anyway, once the open dorms came to a close we had to head to hall meeting. Our hall meeting was sooo long. I had a good prayer group lesson for tonight too but I wasn't able to do it. We didn't even get release from the meeting until 11:30. That was an hour and a half. All we had time for was a short time of prayer. It was quite annoying. Anyway.. One more thing I think I"ll mention. Through the day today whenver I had time I've been trying to organize pictures to be posted on my website. So in the very near future I'll have some more pictures up. I have about 5 different things worth of pictures to do (roughly 200 or so) I'll make sure to let you know once its ready. Anyway.. night time for me!
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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Not too much to report on today.. church tonight was kinda cool though. We had a "tour" of israel by my pastors Dad. He showed pictures and explained how it related biblically. It was cool. Then we had communion. Other then that I did homework after getting back from church.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Today was mostly a typical tuseday. I had class as usual and spent some time with Allie for breakfast. I then did homework for most of the day. I ended up going flying again today too. I went up and soloed today so I could try and practice some of the maneuvers and stuff. I had fun doing that. Anyway, I felt pretty productive today, so that was nice. Now its time for bed. Night!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Long day today, work, class, prayer leader meeting, late night meal, park in the pit, stop to say hi to Allie, finally get back to my room at 11:15, finish some homework, go to bed.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Today turned out to be a pretty fun day! Started out pretty normal as I went to work this morning until 3:00. After work though I ended up going flying. The weather started out pretty good and we went up for a little over an hour practicing all the stuff I needed to practice. Then as we started to finish up and turn back to the airport the clouds and rain rolled in. It took us awhile to get our bearings straight and figure out how to get back while not flying through the clouds. As we headed towards the airport the weather got really bad. We had to get special permission to fly extremetly low so we could stay beneath the clouds. We had to follow a river and the highway to find our way back. In the process we flew between some of the mountains and it was a lot of fun. It felt kind of like jungle flying. It was cool. After landing I met Allie for dinner and then we went to a play. The play was actually pretty short compared to some of the other ones I've been to. We ended up having quite a bit of the night left even after the play was over. So we went and sat in my car and talked for a little while before I dropped her off at her dorm. I then came back to my room and worked on some of the homework I need to get done. There was like 8 people in my room having a pizza party tonight too so I had to stay up because of it. The number went down to only 5 now though and my bed is free, so I"m going to try and sleep now. We'll see how that works out. Night!
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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Hey! Nothing too exciting to talk about today... I just went to work all day, then went to the williamsons for about an hour or so after work. Then I came back to the dorm and did homework the rest of the evening. I'm ready to sleep now though. Night!
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Friday, April 07, 2006
Well, Allie and I have now been dating for a whole year!!! It is so great! Allie out did me today on the celebrating though. I painted the big rock for her to say "Happy 1 Year Allie Murray" So everybody was able to see that when they drove by, I also had some flowers and a stuffed animal for her. Allie however went all out today and was extremetly creative. First thing I saw was a big sign outside my dorm wishing me a happy aniversary on my way to class. Normally I would be able to walk to class with Allie, but she felt sick this morning so she skipped the first class. We ended up meeting up though for breakfast and having some good quality time. We exchanged gifts and everything there too. Allie made me a little model airplane and painted our names on it. That was really cool. She also got me a really funny card. I think one of my favorite things though was a little menu for her "Happy Belly" restarunt. In it was a list of things she could make and I could choose whatever I want and she would cook it for me some night. That will be exciting!!

After Breakfast Allie walked me up to the little chapel here on campus. I decided that I was going to spend the day having time with God. So I ended up being in the chapel for about six hours today. It didn't end up like I was hoping though, to me it just felt like really long devotions. I wasn't very connected much. I think part of the problem was that the pews in there are so uncomfortable. I tried sitting on the floor, kneeling, leaning different ways.. it was all to no avail. It was hard to cocentrate for six hours having to shift positions every 15 minutes or so. I was glad I did it though because that was the first time I have ever sat and prayed/read the bible for that lenght of time. I wish I could have gotten more out of it though, maybe what I did get from it was important enough to be the only things. Anyway, after I was done there, I then headed back to my room to drop off my bag and stuff. Then I met up with Allie again so we could spend the evening together. When I got to where she was I was awe struck by her beauty! She had changed her clothes from the morning and dressed up all nice for me. She had a beautiful skirt and a stylish blue/pink top. Man, that was great! Anyway, after catching my breath from seeing her we headed to my car to get some dinner. This was the greatest part of Allie's Operation for the day. Apparently she had left last night before going to bed and decorated my van. She taped all kinds of hearts everywhere inside and had balloons all over the place too. She then taped streamers from the ceiling and those were hanging all over the place. She also bought me some flip flops (she really likes guys in flip flops) and had those hanging from the rearview mirror. She then had letters cut out that said. "I Love You" and taped those across the windshield. It was an amazing sight! I wish I had had my camera. In order to drive to the restarunt we had to take some of the stuff down, that was sad. We had fun doing that together though. After making the window and mirror visibility sufficent we headed to Red Lobster for Dinner. It turned out to be a wonderful meal and we enjoyed the conversation. After dinner we took a stroll around the mall for awhile, she wanted me to walk around in my new flip flops for a while and try and get used to them, and make sure they fit and everything too. They ended up working fine.. I will just have to get used to them though. After the mall we headed over to one of my favorite coffee shops and sat there talking for about an hour. Time kind of flew by though and we had to hurry back so we could get prepared for hall meeting and stuff. TOday turned out to be a great day though and I had a really good time with my really great woman and my really awsome God. **SMILE**

Now I've been trying to deal with these crazy College for a weekenders and attempt to do homework.. It was hard to do both.. But I finally got done what I needed to. Night!
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Today was a pretty strange day for me. I woke up feeling miserable. I tried to shower to see how that would help, but I almost threw up in the shower standing there. I decided I was just going to skip my morning classes for today and sleep through. I ended up sleeping until about 11:30 today. I think that helped quite a bit because I was able to get up and work on some homework and stuff the rest of the day. I then went to my late class today and by the time that came around I almost felt normal. It was really strange whatever it was. After that class I worked for a little bit on some more homework in the computer lab until it was time to meet Allie for dinner. Normally I would see her a lot on Tuesdays, but this was the first time I would have seen her today. That was kind of sad too because she looked really nice today. After dinner Allie had to go to her bible study, and then I had to go meet Pastor at the church. So we went to our cars and headed out. I had a really good conversation tonight with John and we dissussed all kinds of things. It was cool. After coming back to my dorm for the night though I was able to finish a research paper I needed to get done. That was nice to have off my back. I think now though I'm going to head to bed. Might as well get some sleep tonight to finish of whever that was that hit me this morning. Night!
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Monday, April 03, 2006
Today was a day to just relax and enjoy being back home. I woke up and went to practice this morning. I was a little late because of the time change though since my phone alarm time never change. Jo ended up comign downstairs to wake me up though before it was too late. But church went well this morning, and then I just spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the Donnebergs doign homework. I took a short nap and made sure I got the important part of my homework done. Then I watched some American Idol with Allie. We then attempted to figure out how to use Allie's telescope this evening. The skies were a little foggy tonight though, and also we need to go to a big open field sometime to get the full effect. But anyway, it was a good day and I should get to bed. It ended up getting late on me pretty quick. Anyway.. good night!
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Saturday April 1st, 2006 (JAARS TRIP)
Today was a really amazing day! So many things happend I'm not even sure if I'll remember everything. I woke up around 8:00 or so and prepared myself for the day. I ended up getting downstairs for breakfast around 9:00ish. Mrs. VanDoren had muffins and cereal sitting out for us. She was actually trying to get some other things packed because she had plans to go meet her husband and the boys at the camping site they went to the night before. So both Allie and I just ate breakfast while we talked to her between her running around the house. The JAARS tours was going to be opening at 9:45 but before leaving the VanDorens that morning I had called Willis Ott who is another missionary that is working there at the JAARS location. (He is a freind of my grandparents). So we made plans to meet up at 9:40 so we could find each other and talk for a bit before the main orientation started. We didn't have any trouble at all finding him because he said he was wearing a yellow hat. That yellow hat stood out really well and we spotted him really easily. It was cool to have a breif conversation before we started and he just gave us a quick verbal tour of what he does there. We made plans to meet for lunch though because the tour was about to start. He had more work to do over at his office so he went back there while Allie and I headed into the auditorium for kick off. The kick off speech mostly just talked about a little history of JAARS and then went into thier current goals and projects. They also did a skit showing how one missionary ends up getting stuck with being a translator, mechanic, computer tech, teacher, administrator... etc. They were demonstrating that missionaries need support workers, and that is what JAARS is all about. I thought it was a pretty funny skit. Directly after the orientation Allie and I headed over to the hangar for the airshow demonstration of the JAARS STOL aircraft. Roger (the one that we had dinner with last night) was the pilot in the demonstration. It was really really exciting to see it. He was able to get the plane to take off in 4 lengths of the fuseloge. That is really amazing! He also demonstrated the ability for it to sustain flight even in speeds as slow as 33mph. He showed the manuverablity of the aircraft as well and he did tight turns and swift altitude changes all only about 100ft above us. It was really cool to see. Then he of course had to show us the short landing as well and he was able to land in about 5 lenths of the fueseloge. That looked so fun and I can't wait until I can do that!!. After the demonstration was over I went and bought Allie and I some tickets for a helicopter ride. They were also selling plane rides for the same price but I can do that anytime. A helicopter though was a new thing so I had to do it. We were in the second group that went so we had to wait for about 15 minutes or so but that gave us a chance to watch the chopper take off and land right in front of us with the other group in it. That was even fun to see. We got some good pictures of it. After the other group landed we headed up to the Helipad to get in. I had the privledge of sitting in the front seat and it was a fun experience! The pilot and I had a good conversation as well. Turns out he was philipino and a JAARS missionary lead him to christ in his part of the country where there was no bible in his language. So he was able to be a part of translating the bible into his own language. During the time of translating he also had the privledge to learn to fly and become a part of the JAARS team. Then once the bible was completed he was able to be the person that flew the copies back to his own people. It was a great testamony. I'm sure I didn't even give it justice. He wanted to meet up with us later that day, but we never actually got a chance to do that, it was pretty sad.
After the helicopter ride we had about half an hour left until we had to go meet Willis Ott for lunch. So we went to try and walk through the Alphabet Museum, we only made it about 25% of the way through though before we had to give up and decided to come back later. That was goign to take a lot longer then expected. So we headed to the cafeteria and waited for our new friend. This time he found us and brought us to eat. He ended up buying our lunch for us also and that was really generous of him. He was a fun guy to hang out with. I was glad that we had met him too because he was able to talk about things Allie was interested in. So far she enjoyed watching my excitement with the aviation work, now I was able to see her get excited over all the linguist stuff. After lunch we went to some workshops they were putting on. One was on computers and another on linguistics. SO we went to both. They had some really cool things to show us. The comptuer stuff had all kinds of tools they use for tranlating work. Allie even got excited about being able to see how that all worked. Then in the linguistics workshop, the teacher tried to have us demonstrate what happends on the field when it comes to learning the language. So he role played and talked in another language and he was trying to learn english. So he brough out objects and I would have to name them and then we would figure out how to count. Just a bunch of things like that. It was a fun workshop. The teacher and his wife prayed for allie and I afterwards too before we ended up leaving. Once the workshops were over we were going to meet up with Mr. Ott one more time. This time he was going to take us over to his office building and show us a personal tour of that. The regular tour never even covered his administration building so we were privledge to be able to see that. You need a special id card to get into his office. He told us of all the translating work that his department has been working on lately and it is amazing to see how much progress the organizaion is making. God is doing amazing things through them. After Mr. Ott showed us all of his work and building area we then left to finish looking at the museums. They had a mexico musem and that alphabet museum. I thought they were kinda cool, but I wasn't all that excited about it. Allie however loved them both and she took a ton of pictures of everything. So it was well worth going there for her sake. By this time it was about 3:00 and everything that was part of the organzied tour was over. So Allie and I headed back to the hangar to try and meet up with the helicopter pilot. Turns out that he had left already though, so that was pretty sad. Roger was still around though so we were able to say goodbye to him before we left.
The whole day was so great! I really decided I like JAARS and it is a very real possibility for a missions organization for me wheter I do aviation, comptuers, or both they will have a spot for either. Allie and I also got prayed over by at least 4 different missionaries this weekend. That was really cool and I know God will use us both in great ways! I loved everybody we meet down there and I think we build some very good relationships as well. We were offered a place to stay again if we ever decide to go back.

Once we left the JAARS tour we headed back to the VanDorens one last time to say goodbye, leave a thankyou note and also transfer the pictures we took off of the camera to teh computer. Once we got done doing that we hit the road back to lynchburg. We got on the road about 5:00 or so and ended up not making it back home until around 11 that night. On the drive back Allie and I stopped in Charlotte to have dinner in the big city. It took forever to find a parking space close to a restarunt though. I actually got a little frustrated over that fact and I think there was a little tension in the car. (sorry Allie) But once we finally found a place to park all was well and we ate at a restarunt called fuel that had the "best wings in town" Allie said they were the best wings she's ever had so thats gotta be good! After eating and getting back on the road we ended up missing a turn somewhere and ended up about 35miles out of the way. With a quick call home though, Jo was able to tell us a nearby crosshighway that got us back on track and only about 45 minutes later then expected. After so long we made it home and was able to crash for the night. Both of us were exahsted from the long day. I know both of us learned so much from going on this trip. I am really glad we had the chance to do it.
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Friday March 31st, 2006 (JAARS TRIP)
Today so far has been a completely awesome day. I woke up at about 8:00 or so to get ready to leave for my trip to JAARS Center. I then got all of my stuff together and headed to the car. Allie was there waiting for me and we hit the road. The drive itself was going to be about 4 1/2 hours so we left about 9:45 and we tried to aim for between 1 & 2pm arrival. We ended up making really good time and we even had a chance to stop for Subway on the way there. It was just a great time in and of itself being able to be in Allie's presence the entire drive over. But then once we got here things got really exciting. We stopped in at the visitors center to ask where the person we were staying with was. His name is Alan VanDoren and he is a really cool guy. On the walk to the aviation admin building there were a lot of things to see it was fun just to walk by there. After we found his office we had to wait for a little bit for him to get out of a meeting. But once he came out of the meeting we greeted each other and talked for a little bit. He then gave us a quick brief tour on his own. (He didn't want to show us too much to ruin the tour tomorrow). He showed me thier flight simulator, which was really really cool and I kind of hope I'll have a chance to see it in action tomorrow. We then headed out to the hangar and he showed us all the planes they have there. One thing that was exciting was a helicopter pilot doing some practice work. I got to see him take off and then hover around for awhile. It was fun! He also showed us the machine shop and the metal shop and the paint shop and all the supporting areas of aviation. They had a lot of airplanes that are antique type things too. There was one airplane they had that was serial number 001. That means it was the very first plane of that kind ever produced. It was cool to see that. THey also had a float plane on display and one of thier main all purpose planes out in the hangar as well. Thier king air (used for people transport) was about to leave for a trip to orlando and that was out on the tarmac being loaded up when we got there. It was fun to just be there. After he showed us around, he then brought us back to his house where we would be staying for the night. We had the opportunity to meet his family and see the house and stuff. Alan was actually going to be leaving later that day to take all of his boys out on a weekend camping trip. So he had to pack and prepare for that while we talked to the family and looked at some of his picture albums. He ended up leaving about an hour later and then it was just His wife and three of his daughters left. So we talked for a little longer. The girls were actually having an in house basketball team pizza party later that night so they had to clean up a little bit and get ready for the people to start showing up. The missionaries actually had planned for another missionary couple to take us in for dinner that evening since thier house would be full of 12 teenage girls and a few of thier parents. We were there for a little while after everybody showed up though and we got to meet some of the people. But we ended up leaving shortly after to the other couple's house. This couple was a fun one to spend the evening with. I met the husband at liberty a couple years ago when he came for JAARS recruting. His name is Roger Krenzin and he had a really sweet wife too! The served us chicken, mashed potatoes, brocclli, fruit salad, and a really good brownie dessert. The meal was sooo good. But beyond the meal the conversation was really amazing too. Roger has worked with Steve Saint in Equador for awhile so he told us all about his storys of his time down there. It was really good to hear about that for Allie because she is going to be down this this May. She'll have the inside scoop somewhat before she even gets there. That was cool. He also showed us his blow gun and spear he had brought back from the woodani indians. He even had some poison darts along with the blow gun that still had poison on them. That was cool. Then he tried to demonstrate the blow gun tecnique and couldn't find anything to shoot. So he just shot a throw pillow that was decorating a nearby chair. His wife had fun with that one =). We also read part the woodani indian new testament, Allie loved that.. I think that was her favorite. He then also showed us one of the authentic hand made hammocks that they sleep in out there in the jungle. It was really beautiful. Anyway, we also had a great opportunity to interview him a lot about JAARS, and opportunities that are availalbe with them. He also told about some of the opportunities in Brazil and it was cool to hear what they are doing there. I really enjoyed the time we spent with this couple and I'm excited to be a part of the actual tour tomorrow. We ended up leaving thier house a little after 9:00 tonight and then headed back to the VanDoren's. Mrs. VanDoren was still awake and everything when we got back, but two of the girls had left to stay at friends houses that night. So now the household family was just the wife and the oldest daughter still living at the house. We talked to Mrs. VanDoren for a little while, then she spent some time in prayer with us. After that we headed up stairs and started to prepare for bed. It was a really good day. We even are able to get to bed early tonight. So that is great! We will be back at JAARS headquarters by 9:45 tomorrow. I'll be sleeping well tonight I"m sure. Night!
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