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Sunday, August 27, 2006
It has been awhile again since my last post. Let me try to catch up some. Saturday I was at work normal time, but after work I ended up going over to the Donnebergs for dinner and a movie. They had a friend of thiers over too and they let me join them for that. It was a pretty fun evening. Allie was gone at her dads this weekend though so I still missed having her around. Later in the evening I ended up calling my sister and talking to her and some of my family. It was my Aunt and Sister's birthday party back home so I wanted to wish them a happy one. My sister's was on the 25th and I didn't call her on that day... so I ended up a day late. I don't think she minded so much though.

Today I went to church as usual. It was a pretty different the usual service today. The pastor's Dad spoke today instead of John. It was an ok message but just quite a bit different then anyone there is used to. After church I ended up going over to some people's house to do some computer work for them. That didn't end up taking as long as I expected though, so I ended up just coming home and relaxing and take a small nap while I waited for Allie to get back. When she got back into town I swung by her dorm and we sat and talked on campus for awhile then we ended up going to Walmart to get some medicine for her. She has a really bad cold/flu thing. Its not very good at all. While we were there we found a massage chair thing they had sitting out for people to Demo. It was really cool and we both took a turn on it, it was great. I think that may have helped her feel a little better. After getting through all the walmart traffic we headed over to the movie theater. Tonight we ended up going to see "Lake House". Both of us really liked it and thought it was a pretty decent movie. I had fun and I was glad I was able to hang out with Allie some today. I'm happy that she is back now. Anyway.. I think I'm going to head off to bed. Night everyone!
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Friday, August 25, 2006
Today was my first day of Intrument Aviation class. I've been up since 6:30am because of it being a 7:30 class. My body isn't used to that. I gotta go to bed. Its been a long day.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
My roomate came in today. He seems like a great guy. I have a feeling we will get along nicely. I should get to bed now though. Night!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I didn't get a chance to blog last night, but yesterday was a pretty full day. We moved Allie back into the dorms. It was kind of weird moving her into what was my old dorm. It was cool to see it all changed over now though. We got her mostly all setup so she is settled in. After doing that we headed back to her house and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Today was a decent day at work. I was actually gone on a service call for about 4 hours of the day today. It is nice sometimes to be able to be out of the shop for awhile. After work I ended up meeting up with Allie and we went out for dinner and then coffee. We ended up talking for awhile tonight. I ended up getting home around 10 or so and worked on a few things. I probalby should head to bed now though. Night!
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Saturday, August 19, 2006
The last few days have been pretty cool. Yesterday after work I went with Allie and her best friend Jamie up to charlotesville and we visited the public night at the observatory. It was pretty cool. We were able to see jupiter and some nebulas and stuff. We also were able to see a ton of stars last night just by looking up. We hung out and tried to watch for some shooting stars. We managed to see a few, it was pretty cool. We didn't end up getting back in town until 2am though.

Today I had to wake up at 5:30 because I needed to be at the church around 6:30 to help cook for the mens breakfast. That all went really well and it was a great time of fellowship. I had to leave a little early though so I could head to work. Today things at work were pretty straight forward, we stayed busy enough to not get too bored. I was glad to leave at 3:00 though. After leaving I headed over to the mall. I needed to buy a new pair of shoes because mine finally bit the dust today. A hole ended up going all the way through the sole of the shoe. After doing that I ended up meeting Allie at the hair cut place because she was getting her hair cut and colored. She looks really great after what they did. While I waited with her to get the cut and color I decided to get my hair cut too. Mine turned out fiarly decent as well. After leaving the mall we headed back to Allie's house and Jamie, Allie and I hung out for a little bit with Allie's mom just talking. It was pretty fun. I ended up leaving shortly after Jamie did though so Allie could spend some time with her family since they have been gone the past few days. I just came home and had a bunch of stuff I needed to get worked on. I'm fairly caught up now I think. ANyway.. I should get to bed now, I"m really tried from only sleeping about 3 hours last night. Night!
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Friday, August 18, 2006
Today turned out to be a really long day for me. I worked at the shop all day as usual, but then I headed over to meet with my pastor at around 6:15. I ended up staying and talking with him until around 9:40. It got really late on us fast. After that I stopped by Allie's house really quick so I could give her a hug good night and then left to come back home. As I was getting home my nieghbor grabbed me because he really wanted to talk tonight about some stuff he was excited about (and some not so excited about) So I ended up at his place talking until around 11:40. I finally got back and was able to relax a bit just now to write this blog. And now I'm really tired and ready for bed.. so anything else I wanted to get done looks like it won't happen. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get it done eventually. Night!
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. We had about 6 service calls yesterday at work so I was running around all over the place getting that stuff done. After work I ended up having dinner with my neighbor. We made and experimental dish. It turned out really good too. I told him he should sell the recipie... he though that sounded great. Anyway we had fun talking about all kinds of stuff and in the end the conversation turned to being a missionary and why I would want to do that and stuff. So i explained all of it and he wa really interested in the whole idea. So I offered to go pick up "End of the Spear" and we ended up watching that together last night. I think he really understood the importance of mission work after that. He told me I would be the perfect guy to go do that. He could see me in the jungle flying around and helping people he said. Anyway it was really good and I was glad we had that opportunity. Anyway.. gotta go for now!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 3:53 PM 

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
I enjoyed today. Work went pretty smoothly even though I was the only one there for most of the day. We got a lot accomplished there. After work I ended up having dinner with someone from my church, then ended up going to someone else's house and had dessert over there. After leaving the second house I went over to pick up Allie at her house. We were going to be having a date night tonight. I think tonight was one of our better dates. I really just enjoyed being with her. We went to a nearby park and dissusussed the book we've been reading together, then we stayed until it got dark and watched the stars for a little over an hour. There is a meteor shower going on all through the week and we were able to see about 5 of the meteors tonight.. we Also were able to see some satellites as well. It was really cool and I think Allie enjoyed it also. I think over all it was an awsome time and I really liked doing that. I ended up taking her home around 10:30 and then returning to my house. I'm ready for bed now though.. I'm kinda tired. Night!
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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Today was a great day. It was a lot different then my typical sunday but was really good. To start things off, my neighbor came with me to church this morning. I was extremely excited about that. I think God prepared his heart for the day. The message was on Job and he said it was exactly what he needed to hear because he has been going through a lot of tough times lately. It was his first time at church in three years, is what he told me, and he really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to great people. He loved the people and he said he was excited about coming again next week. I ended up taking him home afterwards but then I had to return to the church for a childrens ministry voluneer lunchon. It was a pretty good little lunch and after that I went over to help them clean out the little house that the church is renting out. I wasn't able to stay too long though because I was going to meet up with my neighbor again and give him a ride with his bike so he could sell it to a sporting goods store. After doign that the both of us stopped by the church again to see if they needed anymore help with the house. Turns out there were a few things left we could do so we ended up staying there at the church for a few more hours. I think my neighbor really enjoyed the (non church setting) conversations with the rest of the people there working, so that was really good. Once we finished up I treated him to a slurpee from sheetz. He told me he hadn't had one of those in about 5 years when he had his daughter with him. He forgot how much he liked them. After doing that we both returned to the apartment and went to our different houses. But it was really good to be able to hang out with him today.

After getting home I decided to work on some of my photo album pictures. So I now have some new pictures up for your veiwing pleasure on www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty There is also a video clip there showing my apartment and how I have everythign arranged now that I'm settled in. So I hope you enjoy that.

After getting done with that I just read the rest of the time until it got late and was time to get ready for bed. Tonight I thought I would try something new too. For the first time in my life I shaved with the old shaving cream and razor method (I've always used electric razor). I don't think I really liked it all that much, plus it took me like 20 minutes to shave that way. I don't even think it gave me that much of a closer shave then my electric one. I don't know why people would still want to shave that way... it could be I just need practice or something but still.. its not looking too promising. I may try it again eventually though. I think I'll stick with the electric for awhile for now though. I just had to try it for Allie's sake, she said I should. Ok anyway.. thats it for me. I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Today ended up being a good day off of work. I was able to go to a play that someone from my church was in as the lead part of peter pan. It was a great play and the group of kids did a great job. It was a lot shorter then I had expected though. I ended up going with Chuck though so that ended up giving us some free time to hang out afterwards. Then at around 1:00 we went to a wedding for a couple from our church and it was also a pretty short ceremony. Maybe only 30 minutes if that. They had a lot of candle issues throughout though, that was kind of sad, yet funny at the same time. They made it though though and it was good. Since that was so short too that left some more time for Chuck and I to hang out and talk for a bit before I had to head off to the airport for another flying lesson. Over all I had a great time spending the day with him. Once I got to the airport I met up with my instructor and we went over a few things.. then we decided that we would try to get two lessons out of the way today. That ended up going really well and he said I was doing really well with instrument work and that I may be better at that then I was with regular visual flying. We successfully finished both lessons and then landed for the day. I thought it was pretty fun. After leaving the airport and returning home I spent a little time with my neighbor and then worked on some computer stuff the rest of the night. Over all it was a productive, yet relaxing day.
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Friday, August 11, 2006
Its been a pretty slow evening for me tonight. I didn't really have too much to do after work. Allie is out of town with her mom and Jugee so that left me to just chill at home all evening. I managed to get a few thing accomplished though and even found some time to blog.. so thats good for you all. Last night was really fun though, I met up with Allie after work and we went out for dinner and then to a movie "Over the Hedge" It was a pretty funny animated movie. We both had fun watching that. I have work off tomorrow so that will be really nice. This is one of those fridays I can be excited that its friday. Usually it doesn't matter because I still have to work the next day. I have a play that I'm going to and then a friends wedding.. then I am going flying later that afternoon. So it will still be a busy day though. Anyway.. I'm going to turn in a little early tonight so I can be rested up for flying. Good night!
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Hey everybody! Thought I should write a quick note since I"ve missed the last few days. -- Sunday was a really good day. The message at church was very good and the worship was great as well. After church Allie and I went out for mexican with a good sized group from our church, then we headed back to her house to spend the rest of the afternoon. It was a good day chilling with the family. We all just hung out in the living room for a good while. Then later in the evening we all watched "Shaggy Dog" together. I though it was a really good movie.

Monday was pretty decent once work was over. Allie and I met up after work and we went out for dinner at sheetz and then went downtown to walk along the river and talk. She also brought a long some of the poetry she wrote awhile ago that I hadn't read before. She is really gifted in writing poetry. It was all really good stuff. We had a great time just talking and hanging out too. Anyway.. I'm going to go ahead and head off to work now, so I gotta go. TTYL
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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Hey.. I'm pretty tired from the day so I can't write much without falling asleep. But I ended up going flying again today. I was at the airport for about 5 hours today. It was a lot of paper work stuff to get setup and then we did about a 2 1/2 hour lesson today too. I am able to fly a plane that holds 4 people now though if I want It was pretty cool. I only ate for breakfast this morning though at about 8:30am and then I never got to eat again until after I was done with my lesson at the airport by about 8:30. So it was about 12 hours between meals today. That wasn't too good. Ok I need to go to sleep. Night!
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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Last couple days a work have been really slow, and I'm always having to look for work to do. Its been really bad lately. The evenings have been ok though. Wednesday Allie and I hung out for awhile and we had a lot of fun. Then Thursday I had the chance to talk to my neighbor for most of the evening I think that was a pretty good conversation as well. Tonight after work I went over to the Donnebergs for awhile. Allie and I had Bojangles Chicken for dinner and then I attempted to help them get ready for thier yard sale tomorrow. There wasn't really much for me to do though so I just hung around for awhile. Ok well anyway, I am going to get to bed early tonight so I will be well rested to go flying tomorrow. NIght!
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
The Last couple days have been pretty decent. Yesterday I was able to spend part of the evening with Allie. We went to a movie and saw RV. It was great, I though it was really funny. Then today I was able to get the website I've been working on for awhile up and running. You can check it out if you want at www.covenantmarriage.com That has taken up a good amount of my time lately... its nice to see it up now. Today after work I met with my pastor for awhile at church. That was a good conversation and we discussed some good stuff this time. Anyway.. I should get to bed now. Its rather later. Night!
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