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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Today I am really tired and kind of sore. I think it has to do with the amount of walking I needed to do today. I had a big group of computers to work on at probably the furthest possible point you could get from my desk at work today. If I had to guess I would say it is probably a 1/4 mile from my desk to these people's I think I ended up going back and forth at least 16 times, maybe a few more. And thats not including all the other regular walking around the building for the rest of the jobs. So anyway, I'm kinda tired. After work though I took Allie out to one of her favorite restarunts Thai99. It was fun. Since she took me to the Rot yesterday I thought it would be nice to treat her to a place that she really liked. After dinner we headed back to campuse for a play that the Liberty Drama Department put on tonight. It was "Little Women" At first it started out slow and I wasn't really getting into it.. but by the end I decided I liked it after all. I really should get heading to bed now though. My body is sore and tired. Night!
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Today was a pretty good day. One of the guys at work was out today though and they ended up having a job come in that needed to be rushed. Since I was so far ahead for the week I was able to help him out and get that all taken care of. The really cool thing happend after work today though. Allie and I went to dinner at the Liberty Dinning Hall. I thought it was great! I actually kind of miss that place. It was nice to be able to get some chocolate milk too, I haven't had that since the last time I was there. After dinner we went to see the Living Christmas Tree show at Thomas Road. I didn't really think it was that great this year, it was good.. but all they did was sing the whole time, they didn't really have a storyline play or anything. It was free though, so It was still nice to go for the evening. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get to bed soon. Night!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Nothing much too exciting has happend the last few days. I don't really have anything to report.. just thought I would write a quick entry to let you all know whats up. So yeah, I guess thats it.
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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Today I was able to sleep in until I woke up naturally. It was really nice to be able to do that. I probalby could have slept even more but I had to wake up and use the bathroom, by then I decided I might as well just stay up. Today was pretty leasurley. I did go to work for a little bit though to get some things done while there was nobody else there. It makes it a lot easier. After that I came back home and hung up some christmas lights. Han was also still in town so he ended up coming back here for awhile while I was doing that. While Han was here I had Allie come over and I made her dinner tonight. Han and his sister were actually going to go out to eat later so he didn't want anything. So I just made the two of us bacon and cheese omletes. They were pretty good. After that We rented "A Sharks Tale" and watched that over at her house with her parents. But now I'm going to get back to bed. I'm actually not too tired but I'll go anyway since it is late and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Night!
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Friday, November 24, 2006
Today I ended up having to go to work for a project they wanted us to get done. It actually went very smoothly. The boss bought us all Papa Johns Pizza for lunch too so that was pretty cool. He even let us leave about two hours early today. It worked out well too because during those extra two hours I was able to go to Best Buy and get a In Dash CD player for my car. I've been debating getting one over the past few weeks and today they were having a sale where you could buy one that is MP3 Capable and get a free set of $40 speakers with it for $45 dollars. I couldn't pass that up. I also ended up coming at the perfect time and they were able to install it for me right then too. When I came back 45 minutes later to pick up my car there was about a 5 hour wait to have CD players installed so it worked out well. So far it seems to work well. After doing that I met up with Han and Allie and an old friend Anthony and we went to dinner at a place called "Five Guys Burgers and Fries". I liked it. After dinner we stopped at Allie's house for about an hour so Han could say bye to her family because he is leaving tomorrow. After that Allie and I just went out for icecream. I was kind of cold though and didn't really want icecream so I just got myself some warm spiced apple cider. It was really good. Anyway, that pretty much covers everything for the day. I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Got some good news! My Boss ended up telling me yesterday that he was going to go ahead and make my position permanant. He has been keeping track of all the work I've been doing and he submitted that to the powers that be. They responded back and were like "of course keep him" So there was no question as to that. That was pretty exciting. They have been very impressed with my work. So yeah! Good stuff!

After work yesterday I ended up going and spending some time with my pastor at church. We had a really good conversation and that was pretty fun. So anyway, I just thought I would write this quick update and share that praise. Thanks all for praying for my job. It sure helped!
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Monday, November 20, 2006
Over the weekend my neighbor moved out. He ended up going to rehab for a year and I won't be able to talk to him again for about two months. It was kind of sad to see him move out, but we all know this was a very good thing for him. I ended up taking him out to lunch on saturday. It was the last day to spend time with him - we both had fun. Keep him in your prayers. Also on saturday I went flying again. I tried out a new airplane too. It was one with retractable landing gear and that was kind of fun.

Sunday was a little different too. I ended up helping out in childrens church and that was pretty cool. The kids were happy to see me there. After church I hung out at the Donnebergs for the rest of the day. I just sat around and relaxed pretty much the whole time. It was really fun. Anyway, that pretty much brings me up to speed. I'll write more later.
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Friday, November 17, 2006
Man, I didn't realize how far behind on blogging that I was. It's not too bad though because not much has really happend the last few days. Everything has been fairly normal. Allie and I went to a play last night that some kids from our church were in, but other then that I can't think of anything else worth mention right now. Allie is offically on Thanksgiving break now though so with her out of class for a week some more exciting things may happen, we'll see. Anyway, I'm goign to study a little bit for my flight tomorrow morning. Night all!
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Today was a fairly exciting day. Started out mostly normal though, had class in the morning and then headed to work. I started at one location for the first half of the day and then left to go to the other location right around lunch time, so I decided to go and buy lunch today, I ended up going to subway and using a cupon that I had. I was able to get two foot log subs for $6. It was pretty cool. Anyway the real good stuff happends after I got to the other location. Around 4:00 or so there was an anouncment over the building paging system for all associates to leave the building, we even had to turn off cell phones and all electronic devices. It was really interesting, at first everybody thought it was a drill, but then the cops came and they cautiontaped around the whole building - they even evacuated a building that was right next to ours. By this time we were pretty sure it wasn't a drill, the roumour was that there was a supicious package of some sort. So anyway, we ended up standing outside for about 50 minutes as they pushed us further and further from the building. By the time it was all over and they let us go back in we were almost three blocks away. It was quite interesting. Later this evenign I ended up looking at our news website and according to the report it actually was a drill but the security people forgot to mention that to the city police. So I'm not sure if there was somethign else going on or of that is strickly what happend. I guess we'll all find out more tomorrow. Anyway that pretty much covered my day. Tonight Allie stopped by for a few minutes to drop off some chocolate things that she made. They are really good too. It was nice to see her. Ok well thats it for me. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Today was another day I got to hang with Allie. We first went to church and all seemed to go pretty well with the service, we had a good sized crowd there today too. After church Allie stayed after for a few hours for a meeting so I ended up just hanging out there and working on my laptop until she got done. I ended up falling asleep for a good part of it though. Anyway once she was finished there we left to go do something. Her parents are out of town so we were kind of lost as to what to do this afternoon. We couldn't just go hang out at her house or anything while they were gone. So we ended up going for a drive. It was a fairly nice day too so that made it nice. After awhile we ended up near smith mountain lake and we stopped in at the smith mountain lake airport just to see what was going on there, it was pretty dead there and we didn't even see anybody, but it was still cool. After that we headed on to the smith mt. lake park and sat in the car for awhile and she did homework and I read some aviaition magaizines I've had for awhile. It started to get dark though so we had to leave by dusk. We just came back to lynchburg and went out to dinner at an italian place and then decided to each head home. We both were getting kind of tired by the end of the day. I was able to get a good amount of stuff done tonight at home and even relax a little so that was nice. I had a great time this weekend having Allie all to myself most of the time. We just had all kind of fun stuff going on. So anyway, thats all for tonight. Back to work tomorrow!
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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Today was a good day. Started out this morning going to the airport and doing a flight lesson with my instructor. We just stayed around locally and did some practice work, but it was still pretty cool. After flying I met up with Allie and we went out for lunch. We ended up having Subway and it was really good too! After lunch Allie had some work she had to get done for her christian service so I sat with her while she did that. I just read a magazine during that time but it was nice just to sit with her. Once she finished what she needed to with her project we walked around the area we were at and looked at some of the shops that were around there. Then we talked for awhile in the car and that really nice. We then went to dinner at a place called Schokeys. It was our first time going there but Allie heard from some people that it was good stuff so we tried it. I enjoyed it, they had really good BBQ stuff and all the sauce you could want. You can't go wrong with BBQ sauce thats for sure. Over all I enjoyed the experience and will probalby go back, but wouldn't say it was a must go to type place. But it was nice to share another meal with my girl for the day. After dinne we ended up going to see a movie called "invincible" It was a nice movie based on a true story, but it seemed to end too quickly. Right when it was getting good they were like, "ok that gets the point across, we're done now - THE END" It was kind of annoying. After the movie I took her back home and then I headed home to work on a few things. I got pretty tired though so I need to just head to bed. I didn't get very far on what I wanted to get done though. Oh well, we'll try some more tomorrow. Night!
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Friday, November 10, 2006
Today had some different things going on. Started out pretty normal with class at 7:50 and then afterwards I met with Allie so I could give her a ride to a different part of campus on my way out to work. Things at work went pretty decent but they were going to need me for a project today so I wasn't able to do much catch up work from being sick monday. I ended up running out really quick to grab lunch though because I left what I was going to eat at home. While I was out I stopped in and said Hi to Allie back on campus as she was on break between classes. We sat and ate together for a few minutes. After getting back to work I had to help with a big move that was going on. A big section of offices was moving to a different side of the building so I had to help unhook all the computers and rehook back at the new location. It took probalby a good two hours. Anyway once it hit 5:00 I left work and headed out to find a good place to take a nap for about an hour cause I was pretty tired for some reason. After that I stopped by the church to get some stuff taken care of for music on sunday. I ended up being there until about 7:30 or so. After leaving there I headed back to work to get some more stuff done. I wanted to make up some of the time from being sick and there is a lot of stuff I could do that was easier done when nobody else was around. So I got a lot of that done and felt pretty good about it. I left work again at about 10:30. It was kind of a long day. Before I went home though I stopped by the school and picked Allie up again and we went for a spur of the moment trip to Sheetz to get some stuff to drink, then talked for awhile in the car. I ended up staying with her till about 11:30 when I finally got home for the day. So anyway, there was a lot going on. I am pretty tired now. I think I'm goign to head to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Sorry I have been so behind on these blogs lately. I've been pretty out of it though. Whatever it was that got me on sunday night really hit hard, I ended up having to take the day off work on Monday. I basicly slept the entire time. My girlfriend really loves me though, she came over and did some laundry for me and washed the bathroom after my night of being sick. If that doesn't show true love I'm not sure what could. It was great to have her around. On Tuesday I did end up going back to work. I wasn't quite 100% but I was able to get around ok as long as I went fairly slow. Missing a day of work has me a little behind schedule, but I should be able to catch up by friday I think. Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick entry to let you all know I am still alive (although I felt dead monday). But anyway, thats it for now!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006
I got back from NC today. It was a pretty good time. I'll tell you all about it a little later, probalby tomorow. I'm not feeling very well at the moment though and I think I'm going to head to bed early.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Today was another fairly typical day. I went to class this morning then headed to work right afterward. I'm pretty caught up on what needed to be done this week so it was fairly slow just finishing up some stuff. Tomorrow I'll probalby just help out some of the other guys since I'm basicly done for the week. After work I stopped by the Donnebergs to drop off a computer for RJ, but then unexpectedly stayed for dinner. It was fun though I hung out just long enough to see Allie before she left with her mom to go shopping. I had to then stop by the church and setup the powerpoint for sunday because I wasn't going to be there this week. I wanted to get it as close as I could so the one taking over for me won't have to do too much. I hope it works out well. I'll be in NC with Allie and her family. We'll be leaving tomorrow around 3:00 or so. Anyway, I ended up getting stuck talking to Pastor for about an hour and half after setting up everything. But it was pretty cool. We had some good conversation. I ended up coming home after that and packing for the weekend. I think I'm going to head to bed now. Night!
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