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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Its been a long while since my last blog. Not too much has happened since then. I'm still trying to heal from my wisdom teeth extraction. I still can't eat normally. Saturday morning we had the mens breakfast at church. I was supposed to help cook but I ended up forgetting about it and by the time I got there they were pretty much done. The time with the guys was pretty cool though. Thats the first time at the mens breakfast I only had one plate of food though. It took me almost the whole time to just eat the one. After all the men left Pastor and I took a ride up to Roanoke. We were going to go see Obie because it was his first day he was able to leave the building. We called up there and everything first, but by the time we got there he had left somewhere already. I can't really blame him because he was free finally and I'm sure he wanted to go do something. I would have thought the staff there would have at least mentioned he had friends coming. I don't know what happend though. Anyway, John and I just went out to get some lunch at Macadoos and spent awhile just hanging out on our own. We were going to try to buy a little time so we could go back to the Mission and maybe Obie would be back. Turns out he still hadn't returned after the two hours we spent at lunch and wandering some. So we just had to head back to Lynchburg. It was pretty sad. I hope he is still doing ok and didn't go off somewhere and get into trouble already. After getting back to Lynchburg I went back home to take a nap. I kind of figured Allie would call when she returned from her dad's house so I didn't set an alarm or anything. Well She never called and I ended up sleeping until about 11:00 at night. By that time I decided to just get up and get ready for bed and go back to bed. I ended up getting about 15 hours of sleep that night.

Sunday we had church and the Pastor talked about generosity. I thought it was pretty good. That afternoon I helped Allie move into her dorm and then went over for lunch to the Donnebergs. Then all of us watch the two episodes of American Idol from last week since we didn't get a chance to see it while it was on TV. Those were some pretty good episodes too. Allie then wanted to leave early to settle in her dorm before classes Monday morning. We stopped at Sheetz for some dinner first though before she left for the night. It was icing/snowing that night some too so the roads were pretty slick. But we survided pretty well.

Monday was another day back at work. Not too much to report on there. After work I had my EMT class though. It was pretty fun this time. We had to practice putting people on strechers and ventilating dummies. I ended up being the person they practiced on for what they call the back board. They had to tie me down and I had to wear a neck brace and all kinds of stuff. They secured me pretty good. I have a test in that Class on Wednesday so I need to study for that some tonight. Anyway that pretty much fills in the holes I missed the last few days I think. Hope you enjoyed the update!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:23 AM 

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