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Monday, January 01, 2007
I've been really slacking on keeping up with this blog lately.. Sorry about that. Well as you should know from the previous post I am writing this from back in Lynchburg. I got back home safely around 3:00am Friday Morning. I still had to work the next day so that kind of made things tough. I was able to leave a little bit early though and that was nice. I wasn't feeling too good. Friday Night I went over the Donnebergs and we exchanged our gifts and had Christmas Dinner and watched a movie. We all really had a good time. It was nice to be back. I loved being able to see Allie the most beautiful girl on God's green earth again. That was probalby the best Christmas present of them all. We ended up staying up pretty late watching "Pride and Prejudice" I had absolutely nothing to do Saturday though so I decided to go to bed and not set my alarm. I can't remember the last time I did that. I really needed some extra sleep though because by the time I went to bed I really wasn't feeling well and my sinuses were all clogged up. I ended up sleeping in until around 3:00 in the afternoon because Allie called me around that time to see if I wanted to hang out some that evening. I decided I probably should get out of bed by that time and I wanted to spend some time with them. So I showered and dressed and went over to thier house of the rest of the night.

Today was a pretty fun day too. I went to church this morning early to get ready for the worship team with lyrics and everything. The service was pretty good too and he talked about getting a clear direction for this upcoming year. Later that afternoon I went to lunch with Allie and her family and I ended up falling asleep like usual after the sunday afternoon lunch. But I woke up in time to watch Sleeping Beauty with Allie and then we watched the video of my trip to seattle. (Don't worry mom I'll get that to you as soon as you get DSL). After that we were invited over to the Hartman's (a family from our church) for a new years party. Richard and Kathleen were there too. It was pretty fun and nice to spend the evening with them. I played with the kids a lot too and I always enjoy that. They had a lot of food and dessert items, and I was sad I was sick or I could have enjoyed that more. It was still good though. We all had sparkling cider and toasted when the ball dropped in Time Square. It was fun. Everybody left shortly after that though, we were all getting tired like an hour before that anyway. So anyway, that pretty much covers it. We had fun.

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:11 AM 

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