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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
The past few days have been pretty good. Monday I woke up a little later then usual and it felt nice to sleep in some. After getting ready for the day I called up Jonathan since he is in town and we met for lunch. We had a pretty good converstaion and it was nice to spend some time with himng. After that we met Allie at the theater and the three of us saw Flicka. It was a pretty good movie but the over all way things happend was a little unbelevable. Also the whole reason there was a story was because she defied her father, basicly everything that happens is her doing something her dad said she couldn't do. --- Anyway after the movie I ended up doing some grocery shopping. I had to make sure my fridge was empty for the most part before I left to home for christmas, so I had to go and work on filling it back up again. Later that evening I ended up going to the Donnebergs for dinner and a movie. After the movie Allie and I went through the book we are reading together. By that time it was fairly late and both of us had to work the next morning so I headed home. It turned out to be a pretty good day.

Tuesday was a getting back on track at work day. I spent pretty much the whole time catching up and getting back into the groove of things from being gone for so long. But other then that there is not much else to report. Oh.. I did get a new phone from my work though so I have that now. Right now I'm carrying around two phones and I have to figure out what I can do about that. After work I went home and ate a quick dinner then went to the church and met with my pastor for a little bit. We talked about a lot of good stuff and I left with a few things to think about. For the rest of the night I just sat at home and read until bed time. So I guess that pretty much covers everything. I'll write more later!
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