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Monday, January 29, 2007
This weekend was pretty busy. I had a bunch of stuff going on. Friday for the most part was a pretty typical work day. I got off a little bit early though so I could try to grab a little bit to eat before my CPR class at 5:30. The class was going to go until 9:30. The class was actually pretty cool. We not only learned the typical CPR stuff but how to use a defibulator machine as well. It was pretty fun. The class was supposed to go through saturday as well but we ended up getting everything we needed covered that night. So we all took the exam and I'm pretty sure everybody passed. So I am now a CPR Certified person. After class I hurried over and was able to meet up with Sam, Erin, and Allie and we hung out for awhile at Sam's house. It was nice to spend some time with them.

Saturday was another fairly busy day. We had a work day scheduled for the day for the new CANVAS ministry we are helping to startup her in Lynchburg. We were prepping the building for the opening night Feb. 10th. Allie and Erin washed all the windows and Sam and I checked all the lights and made sure everything was electrically wired. Chuck and Jo were there also and so were a bunch of other people painting, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuming and stuff. The place looks really nice now. After leaving there Chuck, Jo, Allie and I went out to lunch at a new sandwich shop that just opened here in lynchburg. It was a fun little place to check out and try. After lunch Allie and I went downtown and took a little stroll around the place. There really wasn't too much to see as Lynchburg doesn't have too much exciting. But there were a few shops we stopped in and checked out. Later that evening we met with Sam and Erin again and went to see a movie at the Dollar Theater. After the movie the four of us went out to Dairy Queen and got ourselfs a bite to eat and some cool treats. Allie even bought my ice cream - that was a little unusual but nice of her. =) After that Sam and I dropped the girls back off at the dorms and I headed home for the night.

Sunday turned out to be really good. The message was on Worship and we had a full band and Brittany joined them for it also. It was really a good service. Brittany adds a lot to the praise team. It was cool how the message brought a little different perspective to the whole idea of worship and it made the worship music at the end seem a lot better then how it was at the begining. I think a lot of people really responded to it. For lunch Jo made her famous Chili which as awsome as always. Its always nice to have a good meal there. We then chilled for a little bit after eating until 3:00 when we all had to be at a training meeting for the CANVAS minitry. That meeting went until around 5:00 or so and it was a good refresher for everything before the up coming opening night. The rest of the night Allie and I both had some stuff we needed to work on. So we went over to her house and spent the rest of the evening working on our to do list. We left to go back home around 11:00 or so that night.

Today I found it really hard to wake up this morning for some reason. It might have been the fact that it was 15 degrees outside but I just didn't want to get up. I finally pulled it off though and made it to work on time. The day at work today was pretty straight forward. Nothing too much happend on the job. In between going from building to building I ended up making a quick stop at the Post office to buy some stamps. On the way out I was stopped by our Channel 13 ABC news team and asked a question by one of thier reporters. Apparently there is a canadate here in VA that wants to pass a Bill that Sperm and Egg donors should be required to give thier identity so the person born from them can track down thier biological parents if they wanted to. I basicly just said "I think it should be up to the Donor, but honestly I think there are a lot more important things to worry about in this world then that" I don't know if they will use my quote or not, but I have a feeling they probalby won't. I don't even know when that story will be aired or if they even will. Anyway that was a fun experience. This evening I had my EMT class again - it was another somewhat bland class. We haven't really gotten to the exciting things yet. We did take each others blood pressure tonight though so that was a little different thing. I also got my test score back from Wednesday's test. I ended up getting an 88% on it. That was tied for highest score with another person in my class too. It thought it was a little strange that the highest score was still a B. Oh well. Doesn't really matter. In the end it all works out as a Pass/Fail thing anyway. After class tonight I stopped over at Jonathan and Tori's house to take a look at a computer issue they were having. I wasn't able to get it working with the equipment they have though. So they will need to buy a different part. So I just headed back home and decided to write this blog. That pretty much covers it. Hope you enjoyed it!
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