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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth pulled. It ended up talking a little over two hours for the whole procedure. At first all seemed pretty well, but my mouth would just never quit bleeding. It ended up getting around 5:00 or so and the pain started to get really intense. This was when the novacane stuff started to go away. I was really tired too from everything and I wasn't able to sleep. I couldn't lay on my back without choking from blood and saliva, couldn't lay on my side without drooling over everything and also the pain from pressure on the side. I wasn't sure what to do and my head/jaw pain was increasing. By this time I also couldn't stand too well because I had a hard time seeing and everything was spinning. At about 7:00 I decided to call Allie and see if she could come over and help me. It was a little while later she was able to get there and help me out. She just ended up driving me back to her house and tried to make me as comfortable as possible there. I don't know how long it took, but I don't think it was long and I finally was able to fall asleep. Jo figured out a good way I could lay upright and still have my head supported like it needed to be. It was good to know they were there to help me if I needed it. Allie played my hero last night though as I just needed someone to help me out. She did a pretty good job at it too.

This morning I was significantly better. The pain was still there but very very much less. The dizzyness was gone too. I was able to go back home when Allie left for work. I cleaned myself up and got ready for work and everything. Before work I had a chiropractic appointment though. My back has also been really bothering me the past few days so I wanted to have that looked at. That visit seemed to go pretty well. They cracked me.. did some electrical stimulation therapy and then a muscular massage. It was really nice. My back isn't fully better yet but I think it helped. He said I will probably have to make a few more visits. After the chiropractor I ended up going to work. I wasn't going to do anything physically strenuous but I needed to go in and at least do some e-mail work and helping out some people with step by step instuction on some things. There was one job where I would have had to move a bunch of monitors, but I asked if I could just do that tomorrow. I hope I will be back to pretty much full strength tomorrow. After work I then had to go to my class. Class went well but they are still talking about introductory stuff so it hasn't gotten too exciting yet. Someone brought in White Chocolate Macadamian Nut cookies though and I really really like those.. so that was the first solid food I ate since surgery. I was able to suck on it long enough so it would be really soft and easy to swallow. Class then got out about half an hour early tonight. It was really nice too because it was Chuck's Birthday party tonight and I wanted to be there for it. So I was able to go and spend some time with them tonight. It was fun. I had a really hard time laughing/smiling though so that made it somewhat difficult. Anyway that pretty much covers it. I'm on the road to recovery now.. hopefully won't be too much longer before I can eat and talk right. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:07 PM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here