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Saturday, February 24, 2007
I just got back from a flying lesson today. It went really well. I think I'm starting to understand all this tuff. I just have to work on the number crunching better. It takes me a long time to add or subtract certain headings I need to fly corrected for wind after calculating based on time and degrees. I have to do that working on all the other stuff I need to do to fly the plane. If I do it enough I think it will finally click. Anyway, this evening Allie and I were invited to Sam's house for dinner tonight. Sam and Erin just got engaged so we are going to help them celebrate. Its all kinda fun!

Before I head over there I thought I would write a quick excerpt for the events of yesterday too. I successully made it through the first week of this project they have me doing at work. I used up all the computers available to me though so by the end of the week I did as much as I could. But come monday morning I think we'll have a bunch more computer and it can start all over again. We have a pretty big chunk done with the project as a whole though so it may be almost done. After work I went out to dinner with Allie and Jo and Steph at La Caretta. It was really busy there though last night. We had to wait for awhile, but the food was good. After dinner Allie ended up coming over and we watched some episodes of American Idol. We were pretty behind and weren't even caught up to this week. But now we are and we might watch this week's episodes tonight with Sam and Erin. We have a lot of time too because we have to find stuff to do until 11:30 because thats when we head over to the coffee house tonight. Brittany is going to be singing tonight. That should be pretty fun. I hope a bunch of people come. That will be cool. Anyway. thats it for now.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 5:14 PM 

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