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Monday, February 19, 2007
Its been awhile since my last update. I thought I would write a quick note.

Friday was a fairly normal day. That evening though Allie and I helped out with a play that a friend of the Donneberg's was in charge of. Our job was to take tickets for people coming in. We were then able to stay and watch the play afterwards. After the play we went out for dinner at a mexican place. I wasn't all that hungry, but what I did eat was pretty good. We kind of had to rush out afterwards though because we needed to meet Sam and Erin at the Liberty Coffee House they were doing that evening. We had a pretty good time there. They improved the show somewhat compared to last years, so that was good. That ended up going until just before 2am. I had to then hurry home afterwards because I had a flying lesson the following morning. It was set a little later though so I was able to sleep in some.

Everythign with my flight Saturday morning went really well. I think I got a lot out of that lesson too so I was happy about that. Later that evening Allie and I had plans for a date. We never did get to do a valentines date because we both had so much going on. But we finally did Saturday evening. After flying though I still had about 4 hours before I met up with her so I was able do get a few things taken care of that I needed to and get a small nap in also. It was pretty good too because I was going to be up pretty late saturday night as well. Well at around 5:30 I picked up allie. She had her hair all curled and everything and it was really pretty. I then took her out to Red Lobster for dinner and afterwards we went and sat in a little book store and talked. It was a great time. We stayed there until the book store closed and then headed over to Allie's parents house until we needed to get over to the new CANVAS ministry that we are helping with. I was able to help that evening get the coffee house building setup with wireless internet. That will be a big draw I think for some of the college student we hope to reach. We only stayed open for part of the night saturday though. We were only open until 2:00am instead of 4. But I think I liked that a little better anyway. Overall it looks like everything is coming to gether pretty well with that. We should be ready to start advertizing it mainstream pretty soon. Anyway, I was able to get back home and pickup a few hours sleep before church in the morning.

Sunday turned out to be a really relaxing day. I had a good time. Church went really well and afterwards I head over to the Donnebergs for lunch and to just hang out for the day. Jo made Turkey and Mashed Potatoes for lunch and it was really good. She wasn't feeling all that well herself though sunday so that was pretty sad. She seemed a little better by the end of the day though. Allie had a lot of homework she had to do through the day but she managed to stay downstairs and watch a movie while she studied some. I was able to just sleep some here and there through the day. It was nice. I enjoyed myself. Anyway, Thats it for now. I'll write more later.
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