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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Tuesday marked the 22month of Allie and I being together. It was pretty cool. We weren't able to do to much because of our schedule's but I stopped by her room before I went to work to say Hi. Then Allie came over to my house for about an hour before her hall meeting that night. It was nice to at least have some time together. The rest of the day was pretty normal and straight forward just had work and such.

Today I didn't end up meeting with the guys for coffee this morning. Pastor John was sick so it didn't work out I guess. He really sounded pretty bad though so say a quick prayer for him if you think about it. I took my lunch break today at work to go get an oil change for my Van. While I was in there I asked if they could do a VA state inspection for it also. I plan to switch the car over to VA Plates pretty soon. I wanted to make sure all would go ok with the inspection. It passed without problem. The only thing they had to do was change the wiper blades so that wasn't too bad. This evening I had my EMT class and that was pretty good. Nothing super special happend there but it was a decent class. Now that I'm back at home though I thought I would cook some BBQ Chicken. I had some extra chicken and decided to just cook it. I'll probably have it for dinner tomorrow or something. Anyway, thats just about everything. I'll write more later.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 9:58 PM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here